For And Against Using Motorbikes

It's cool when you ride your own "transport of freedom" . More exactly about motorbikes. The wind which blowing on your face , speed , crafty on a road . Also girls love guys with bike. But there are some statements which can change your mind about this two wheeled friend. Some people say that it is dangerous on a road , others say that it is the fastest transport in the city at the middle of day.
On the one hand we have the transport for people who do not like to wait, beacause on a bike you can skip all traffic jams in yhe city, cars are too wide and you can bypass a slow cars . Always on top , always first. Also you do not need many place for parking. Bike is not so long as car, not wide as lorry . The next strong side of motorbike is the patrol requirements , for the 100 km you need much less patrol than car , also if bike needs for less patrol it means that it useful for environment .
On the other hand we have the transport for self-murderers. You are not sitting in the iron box like in car , if you would get in some car-crash, you would seriously hurt your self even kill yourself. The safety one of the most weak sides of bike, Also bike has not such a stability as car because it is on only two wheels against four in the car. Each bike driver needs for equipment as helmet gloves. And bike is extended in a countries with good warm weather. It must be horribly cold if you on bike at -30 degree.
In conclusion i want to say that the motorbikes are only for brave and crazy riders. As for me i would choose car rather bike. But in a big cities as NY MOSCOW HK BEIJING bike is one of the most fastest transport and millions of people prefer motorbike.

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