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There are around 43.3 million foreign-born people living in the United States today. From the beginning of this country until now, immigrants have come to the US in search of a better life, better opportunity, or more simply put: the American Dream. Attitudes towards immigration throughout this time have been mostly up and down until the new Trump administration. Throughout his campaign, one of Donald Trump’s main promises was the idea of cracking down on illegal immigration. Since he has taken office, Trump has attempted to ban people from certain countries from coming into the United States, use billions of tax dollars to build a border wall, and even to destroy programs like DACA from helping immigrant students. Extreme vetting and general discriminations on immigration in America contradict the basic ethics and ideals on which it was founded and should be repealed in order to allow immigrants to help the US economy as they can.

On the basis of morals, immigration is a simple idea. Allowing people to come into the country for freedoms of all kinds and opportunity is something one should not even question. It is not the fault of these migrants that their country has a large drug problem, or that their country does not believe in religious freedom but instead, believes in terrorism. Education is another privilege that the countries people are migrating from do not have. These people just want a fair chance to live their life and have the opportunity to educate themselves in order to go into the workforce to possibly make a difference in the world. However, because of their birthplace or background they are not able to go anywhere or do anything without the prejudice of American born citizens following them. Taking away the programs that are helping some of these immigrants to get a good education or not get deported disallows our country to be free, full of opportunity, and diverse. The US was created by immigrants and built on the ideals of freedom and equality which is why immigration and programs for immigrants should be permitted.

One problem that makes immigration this “taboo” topic, is the system which is needed to migrate in the first place. The immigration system, which allows or disallows immigrants to come into the United States, is majorly outdated and ineffective in general. This system has not been touched or adapted in any way since 1986. The effects of this neglect are shown in the rising budget of the immigration system, the numbers of people being put into detention centers, and how difficult it is to become a citizen or even get residency in the US. These issues surrounding the system of immigration in America are the causes of why there are so many undocumented or illegal immigrants coming into the United States. If the president and Congress collaborated on legislative reforms for the system, it could one day be fixed, fixing along with it, the problem of illegal immigration.

Allowing people from other countries come into the US and work can actually be beneficial for America. The immigrants that come to America for work are not intentionally attempting to steal jobs from Americans. While it may seem that they are limiting jobs for American citizens, this is not entirely the case. People migrating to the US want any job they can get in order to make a life for themselves in this country. They take the cheap labor jobs that no American wants. This makes the economy grow because they are doing important jobs for almost no money. With these immigrant workers the GDP is also raised because they are aiding the productivity of the country. Immigrants are also more innovative and more often become entrepreneurs. Many of the billion dollar companies in the US were created by legal immigrants. Most of these people also came to the US on a student visa which proves the importance of programs for migrant students and workers. From each of these billion dollar companies made by non American born citizens, 760 jobs are created. People coming to the US from other countries are also more likely to go into a science or math career which is also a need for the economy.

Ultimately immigration is good for the economy because these immigrants allow the economy to prosper. These people are human just like the rest of the American-born population, so this extreme vetting and discrimination against them just goes to show the prejudice and pride the society holds. Taking the time to correct the immigration system might actually help to solve many of the problems people see with allowing migrants to come into the country. Once some of the inefficiencies with the system have been sorted out a domino effect may take place and those opposed to immigration may finally be able to see where treating other people with respect and equality can benefit them as well.

Essay Paper about Immigrants

Patricia B. Strait’s article, “When Societies Collide: Part Three: Finding the Best Fit Immigration Model” (2011), showcases multiple immigration models for countries to choose from. Countries look at its current factors to determine which model is appropriate. No model is necessarily the best, but instead, Strait emphasizes finding the most fitting model for a country's historical, cultural, demographic, and economic prerequisites.

The article opens up with background information from Strait’s first two parts of her immigration article. She begins by explaining that immigration information can be found in news media, government agencies, nongovernment organizations, and scholarly journals. Using these sources, many researchers have found some debatable issues regarding taxing, military duties, repatriation, and profiling of immigrants. These first two parts open the doors for Strait to begin discussing the most fitting immigration model for various countries.

The first immigration model that Strait presents is known as the Catalysts and Magnets Model. Due to poor economies, wars or natural disasters, immigrants are pulled out of their current countries to magnet countries. The magnet countries’ strong economies have low unemployment and slight inflation provide that social welfare programs and employment opportunities. In addition, countries that allow all members of society to move up the social ladder are good candidates for magnet countries. Furthermore, Strait indicates that age can determine which immigrants will be a good fit for the country. This correlates with the working age group because immigrants will be propelled there for various job opportunities. The Catalyst and Magnet model provides immigrants the opportunity to live in a new country due to the negative factors in their current one.

The next theory that Strait describes is known as the Capitalism and Inequalities Model. This model works well when the host country needs to fill a void in labor intensive jobs. The immigrants are not permanent members of the society, but rather they serve their occupational duties and are then replaced by new immigrants after retirement. Countries that fit this model tend to have a history of a mixed race population, but they are unified in language. In addition, the best countries are isolated so there is better control of immigration. Immigrants need to understand that they are not becoming a part of the country’s culture but rather are serving as laborers who can’t move up the social ladder. Furthermore, the host country generally has limited welfare programs so immigrants don’t rely on government assistance. The Capitalism and Inequalities Model works well for immigrants who need a job and host countries that are looking to build their industries.

The final model is known as the Multicultural Model. Countries best fit for this have an advanced society that has a past of supporting everyone in the country regardless of race or religion. Strait also encourages “a fluid social class structure in which an immigrant might easily move upward.” This dynamic society needs to allow equality in education for immigrants as well as an acceptance of multiple languages, although one language serves as an official language. The Multicultural Model brings unity between immigrants and current members of society through ideas such as democracy or equal rights.

In conclusion, Strait believes many countries have the ability to serve as a host country for immigrants, but the model must correspond with many factors. Many countries have not chosen the best-fitting model for their own needs which is why there are many conflicts between immigrants and current members of society. Nevertheless, immigration can help boost economies and provide another aspect of culture, but the appropriate model must be chosen to ensure a forward moving country.

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