Kate Elizarova

What can you say “for” and “against” using mobile phone?
Many of people will agree with me that mobile phones have become important part in our modern life. Mobile is “close friend” of every person. Our life is circulating around it. But is it good for us? Let us try to consider good and bad points of this problem.
One advantage of mobile phones is portable. It is convenient for us to carry mobile phones and keep in contact with others at any time. For example, when we are outdoors, where there are no telephones, we can use our handy mobile phone. Secondly, mobile phones help to spend our free time. Mobiles are not only for a call, but they are a source of entertainment too.
For example, you can play games on it while waiting for something or listen to music or radio. Also phone has Internet, a calendar, a watch, and calculator and so on. Through the Internet we can cheat with different people, find friends, read the latest news, and receive some information.
On the other hand, there are disadvantages of using mobile phones, too. Talking on mobile phones can also be expensive because we should pay money for our call. In addition, mobiles are believed by some people to give out radioactive waves and some scientists think that this radioactivity can cause brain tumors or damage our ears. Besides, sometimes mobiles distract from work. The students or pupils at school may play games and send messages during lessons.
Taking everything into consideration I have come to the conclusion that mobile phone is important thing and we cannot live without it, but we should avoid abusing them. We should think carefully about the advantages and the disadvantages of mobile phone. Maybe, I do not know in the future people will eliminate these disadvantages and we can use mobile phones without any fear)))))
It's good one!I agree with you Motya Zakharova

My favourite place.
Everyone has a special place, a place where you can be you, where you can find peace and harmony.
I would like to describe a wonderful place that has the most beautiful nature in the world. It is my native land - Momsky region, it is one of the northest region, where I spent my childhood, grew, learnt the world, where live my close friends.
I have been living there for 17 years and have a lot of recollections connected with this place. I love the polar lights in winter, a smell of spring morning, smoke of bonfire, high mountains, river Indigir.
I lived in a small village. Winter is very cold there. Average temperature is around 60C below zero. In the evening A lot of stars appear in the sky. You can think a desire to a falling star.
Spring is the most pleasant of all the seasons of the year. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, everything changes and seems to revive. The trees begin to bud. Sometimes it rains, the sun shines brightly. The grass is green, air is clear and fresh. Usually in that time people sweep their yard. Young people walk on the street.
In summer men go for haymaking. In Moma there are a lot of wide and picturesque fields.
In autumn we go to the forest to pick berries and mushrooms. Autumn is really beautiful with its yellow, red and brown trees and golden leaves falling down. But the days become shorter and the nights longer and darker.
You know, you will not be sorry that you come to my native place. The guests surprise with white nights! We can walk on the streets, dreaming, talking, and watching the village at night. And when the morning comes, you can see how to revive my favorite village.
There you can see the “Ю” mountain. People call that because it has a form of letter “Ю”,also the river Indigir. It is the one of the most beautiful view of Moma.
I love my native land very much and I will always keep it in my memory.

It is so amazing to read about your native region, Kate! i want to visit it) Ira Solovyova

“Smoking must be banned in all restaurants and bars”

From the early childhood parents, teachers said over and over again that smoking is bad for people’s health. Smoking is a slow death of your organism, nature, senses.
There are many reasons why smoking should be banned in all public places. The most obvious is that it is unhealthy for the smoker, as well as everyone else near the smoker. Smoke of a cigarette is more damage non-smokers than to the smoker. Smoking is more than a habit; it is an addiction, and every step should be taken to discourage people, especially the young.
Another reason smoking should be banned in all public spaces is that it is unpleasant to non-smokers. Where it is permitted in restaurants, bars, casinos, theaters and other places, it is simply that the smoker makes the discomfort atmosphere of others. If those persons want to smoke, they should do it in indoor and outdoor areas or special places where it will not annoy others.
As for me, I always hate people smoking. I think smoking should be banned in all public places because it is very harmful to the community. To my mind, nowadays people begin to realize harms of cigarette. In big cities smoking is not allowed. And fine is very high.
Taking everything into account, smoking must be banned in all public places. It will be good for non-smoker, children and our health. Make our life more interesting, colorful without any harm to each other!!!

About Yakutia
If you dream of travelling to a city with beautiful nature, delicious food, fresh air you should visit Yakutia.
Yakutia is situated in the south-east of Russia. It is a land of mountains, valleys with a lot of rivers. The river Lena the longest of them, crosses Yakutia from the south to the north. Nature is diverse. It includes the tundra, the taiga and the forest-steppe natural zones.
The climate is sharply continental. Winters are extremely cold. Frosts reaching 50-65 degrees below zero. In summer the sun does not set for many days. In July the Yakuts celebrate their great national festival, the yhyakh. People give of thanks to the nature and the sun.
In memory of your exotic trip to Yakutia you can buy some souvenirs with origin national ornaments made by wood, diamonds and so on.Yakutia is a wonderful land which has no equals in the world.

About a person I know well.
I would like to tell in some words about a person I know from my childhood. I know her habits, her favourite colour, her favourite food and so on.
It is my mother. Mother is the closest person in our life. My mother is the most important person on my life. She takes a really big part of it. She is 43. But she is not like woman with a five children. She has a sense of humour, but strict enough. When I was a child I wanted to be like my mom. She is a very happy person and is smiling and joking. But she does not keep secrets for a long time))) Mother gives me good advices whenever I need it. She tries to help and support me in difficult situation. Mother likes to read the books especially detective stories. Also she listen the Yakut songs.
I remember one story from my childhood. I went to take part in contest to the centre of our region for three days. And those days were awful for my child’s life. I missed my mom, father, grandmother very much. I cried in the night. But now when I feel myself so bad, upset I always want to be with my mom. She always wants to see us very happy. When we go to our home to a village she meets us with a bright smile.
I love my mother and my family very much and respect them.

The problem of deforestation
Mankind believed for a long time that whatever we did the Earth would remain the same. We know today that it is not true. Nature is under threat and one of the most important problem is ecological one. Large cities with numerous industrial factories appear all over the world. Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with tons of dust. People from many cities suffer from smog. Forests are disappearing. And it is the second big problem of humanity – the problem of deforestation.
Since ancient times nature served man, being the source of his life. But now people forgot about it. Modern people think that Nature is only place where you can relax, walk and so on. They do not understand that without Nature we can not live further.
What happens when trees are felled? Firstly, trees absorb the carbon dioxide breathed out by living creatures, reprocess it and, in the end, produce the oxygen. Without trees, where will this oxygen come from?
Secondly, floods will become frequent. Thousands of people will suffer from these floods. For example, nowadays Yakutian people suffer from it every spring. I think that nature exchanged for the last years in Yakutia.
Also forests are home to hundreds and hundreds animals and plants. They eat, sleep, and live there. Man destroys their life and their future. Where do they go then? They only die. Man is ultimately destroying his own sources of food through the deforestation.
In conclusion I would like to tell that we must take care of our place. Each of us must do everything possible to keep soil, air and water clean. Nature needs our help. We must only change our attitude towards environment.

Similarities and differences of reading a story in a book and seeing it as a film.
Book or film?What is the better? I know everybody will give different answers.
Reading a story in a book and seeing it as a film have some similarities. Both books and films help to relax and think about world.
But nowadays, when many sources of information and types of entertainment appeared (TV, cinema, the Internet) many people do not think reading is necessary. But reading can improve your imagination and emotions. It can carry you to different places, worlds and times. Books can take you away with them, engulf you and make you a part of their environment. They can make you cry and laugh, the more pages you read, and the harder it is to shut the book. Within the pages lie places, which you never visited. Secondly, reading is educational: it improves a person’s vocabulary and knowledge. Every book has a lot of information. Also following the plot of the book we read, sympathizing with somebody or hating. And, maybe, its character will be our hero. But reading books takes a lot of times. It is a bad point of reading.
Watching a film easier, than reading book and it's great for people do not enjoy reading. During two hours you can watch the whole book. And it's easier to get to the main idea in the story. But in the film the actions is very fast than in the book.
Films often delete scenes, characters, and certain story lines to keep the film to a certain length. Also a film can be easily forgotten after it's seen. A book is in your possession for a while. A film may not satisfy people who enjoy reading. A reader may prefer to use own creativity to imagine scenes, settings, costumes. Most movies are not as accurate as the book.
As for me, I like both. Sometimes I want to read something very much. After it I feel myself so good. And I like to discuss with someone. But when I lazy I prefer to watch a film.

Outline of myself

My personality:
• Name
• Appearance

Place where I
• was born
• live now

My past days
• kindergarten
• school

My present days
• enter an Institute
• student life

My family
• parents
• job of parents
• sisters and brothers

My habits

Things I like and dislike


The importance of technology of society.
In recent years technological developments have changed life on our planet. Today, we can not imagine ourselves without modern technology such as cars, microwaves, mobile phones, computers, and televisions. Technology will not stop here, but develop further. New technologies there are not only advantages, but disadvantages from them.
The first advantage of technology is that it can save time and money. Technology makes our life easier, quicker. I can send a message quickly to my friends from other city or even from other country instead of taking much more time sending it post. And they can write me back as fast as I did using the internet or a mobile phone.
Other advantage I can tell about is expanding your circle of friends. I have made a lot of new friends when I’d have started using the Internet. There you can communicate with people having same interests as you have.
Also computer, it is a good thing because it has a lot of functions. If you have a computer you don’t have to buy a music player, video player, actually you don’t need even a TV. You can read newspapers on the Internet, so you don’t have to go outside to buy a new one.
So, technology increases communication between cultures.
On the other hand, technology can make people lazier, and have bad effects on a person's health and safety.
We do not notice how we depend on technology. People can not live without the Internet, phones and so on. And nowadays we are forgetting about writing by hand. The majority of workers, students write something on the notebook or computers.
And the importance of books are falling down. People can take book from the Internet. It is more quickly and cheaper.
Every day usage of technology affects health. Staring at the computer monitor all day will have a bad influence to eyesight. Using an earphone to listen to loud music will reduce hearing ability.
Also one disadvantage is that as technology develops, robots and machines will take over many jobs and people will loose their jobs.
But taking into consideration everything given above I have come to the conclusion that even as there are as many advantages and disadvantages of technology, I personally wish to live a more advanced world with great technologies.

About advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad and studying in your own country.
Some people prefer to learn language in own country, but others regard learning language abroad as better option. Each of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.
First, owning to study abroad we can learn a lot about this country. We can get to know foreign culture and customs. It can give us a closer look at how other people live, how they different from us.
Second, we can also learn language very well, which can be useful in the future life. We can improve our language with talking foreign people.
But studying abroad doesn't have only advantages. There are also some disadvantages.
Being for such a long time abroad can destroy our family relationships. We don't meet our friends and family at all. Sometimes there's no time to even hang on the phone. Moreover, we are far from country and we can feel a little alone.
Also, costs that are needed to study abroad are huge. It's very important because when we decided to study in that way, we have to know that we should find some apartment which we will live in. Besides, books and things we need to school are very expensive, especially abroad. So venture like that it's very often full of sacrifices and money.
In conclusion, I think that studying in another country is really great because we have amazing opportunity to learn much more than in our country. It's not only about learning itself, but also about culture and languages.

The most popular career choices in my country in the next five years.
Every person makes a stressful decision, to choose his own career. It is not an easy task to make the right choice. There are so many different kinds of job, that sometimes it is difficult to decide what job interests you. Of course, it is very important to think about how well you can do this or that work. Other words, you should take into consideration your possibilities, your skills and talent.
There are some popular career choices that will have more opportunities available in the next five years.
I think teacher career can turn out to be quite attractive within the next couple of years. People will require all the same to education.
Medical sciences and health care will one of the most popular careers. For a person interested in helping to other people, this can be a highly satisfying career choice.
Technology is developing today. Software development is required in every other industry, so it will never go out of demand. Also robotics is another field that can generate a large number of jobs.
The psychologist can be popular career, too. Psychology is the study of people, their social environment, attempting to understand what makes a person act or react to certain situations.
These were just some of the most popular career choices in the world today and in the future. There are many more career choices that one can choose from, and it all really depends on the aptitude and the attitude of the individual.

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