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What Makes a Good Leader Essay

What makes a good leader, a leader who is loved or a leader who is feared by the people? I feel like it's a leader who is loved, they have less enemies and more allies than a person who is feared. A loved leader has the impression that they are kind and friendly when a feared leader shows that they are mean and not friendly. A loved leader is usually a kind person with many friends, they show compassion, and they are loving to the people that help them as a leader who is feared shows none of these traits. A man with good friends is a good man but a man with bad friends is a bad man, many friends can mean good friends but not always.

Many friends can mean many allied and less enemies, so a loved leader with many friends has many allies. With many friends that can support the leader as well as convince others that the loved leader is the better leader for office. Having less enemies is a very good thing, with less enemies there is less competition and less fear that the leader can be taken out of power by their enemies. A loved leader can be the better leader because they have more allies who can support them and has fewer enemies and has the people's vote and love. A good leader also shows compassion to their criticizers and supporters.

A feared leader wouldn't show any compassion for those that criticize them or go against what they want as a loved leader would show compassion to continue to have support and the people on their side. A loved leader would show that they care about the people and their opinions. The people's opinion is needed to improve the leader or even the world and showing compassion to everyone makes them feel important and that they matter. A loved leader cared more about the people’s ideas and criticism and is willing to improve on the people's vote. A loving leader is very loving of people and cared about them.

A loving leader shows love to those who help them improve and even those who go against them. When a person shows that they can care about others gives the impression that they are kind and are willing to change based on what they person has said. Showing that they care so much about a person and their opinion helps the leader gain friends and more allies, more allied equals more votes, more voted equals a higher chance of them being elected. A loved leader that shows that they care about the people has a much higher chance of getting elected and staying in office longer than a feared leader. I feel this is why a loved leader would make a better leader than a leader who is feared.

In conclusion, a loved leader is a better leader because they care about the people, they show compassion, and they have many allied and less enemies. A feared leader usually has less friends and has many enemies, they show no compassion, and they rarely care about other people other then themselves. When it comes to leading a country it is important to have the people's support from kindness and not from fear. The people's support is the most important thing when it comes to running a country so having more voted and the people's opinion should be important to the leader when a loved leader would show that they care about the people as the feared leader has the people so scared that they won't speak out against them. These are the reasons that a loved leader would make a much better leader then the leader who is feared by the people.

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