LGBT Essay Example

The LGBT society has constantly being battling inequality, however they are now actually taken into consideration by the public and have been given the right to marry and adopt in some states. The lesbian gay bisexual transgender community has made more progress in the United States, unlike other countries, e.g. Russia.

In both Russia and the U.S the LGBT society was granted rights but they still suffer insults from politicians, employers, and homophobes. In Russia this society still undergoes violence and discrimination, while in the U.S members of the LGBT society can now get married and adopt children. This society still faces violence, mostly members of color. In 2010 there was a 21% increase in racial hate crimes, 32% transgender women of color were homicide victims. 21% of LGBT Members reported being mistreated by their employers. Members undergo harassment, inequality, violent threats, unemployment, lack of health care assistance due to discrimination.

Although members of the society aren't yet seen as equal the U.S has made more progress towards equality by granting the rights of matrimony and adoption to meme ers of the society. Members are taking a step and are advocating for more rights.

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