Liza Savvinova

What makes me a special?
Hello! My name is Lisa, I am 21 years old. I am a third year student of the Institute of foreign philology and country studies. I am first child in the family.
My dream has always been to study English language to visit another country, its countryside’s, its people and their culture. I hope my dream comes true. This makes me special to stick to ambition. I am very responsible and sympathetic person as now I am the monitor two years already.
At free time I like to meet my friends and go to the cinema.

“For” and “against” using computers.
A lot of people think that computers are changed our life on good side but some people are against of it saying that their generation will be weak physically and even morally. Let us try to consider good and bad points of this problem.
There are many things to be said in favour of computers. The most important advantage of computers is that they are used in all areas of life. Firstly, computer can use engineer to design installations and lighting systems, the composer uses the computer for composing music. With the help of the computer it is possible to pay bills, to make purchases, to search information and to read books on it without visiting the library. Last but not least, computers can be any size: big or small (notebook and net book). It is very comfortable to take it to any places.
Nevertheless, there are several disadvantages of using computers. The main problem is that computer harmful for your health. As well as TV it is ruin for your eyes and bearing. In addition to this some people spent a lot of time sitting on social net works and games. What is more, people become dependent on computer. Many people could not suggest this problem.
Taking everything into consideration, computers are drastically changed our life making it easier. To my mind, we must not abuse it. Our health must be on the first place.

Yes, computer is important thing in our life. But what do you think about the future of computer? Kate Elizarova
Hi Liza! your point of view is right, and i want to say that today people first of all solute their problem and after it think about their health. Ira Solovyova
Liza, I don't agree with you in that point, I think computers became healthier nowadays Motya Zakharova

About Yakutia

Some people ask for us what kind of Republic it is and who lives in it. I can answer on these not very simple questions.
Our Republic situated on the North hemisphere nearer to the Northern pole. It washes by Northern Ocean and by Laptevykh See. We have Lena River which takes source from the mountains of Middle Asia and ends to the sea.
There are many things to be said in favor of Yakutia. The major advantage of our Republic is that here live million people of different few numerous nationalities such as evenky, eveny, sakha and jukagiry.
Our traditions and customs are alike. But we have such celebrations as Ysyakh – the traditional Yakut people New Year. Also our Republic has gas, oil, coal and diamond. These minerals are very important for our Republic.
The main disadvantage of our Republic is that we have the coldest point which called Oimyakon. There nearly seventy two degrees below zero because our Republic situated in the north of Siberia plain.
But century by century we have adapted our self to this severe climate.
In conclusion Yakutia is very interesting Republic including itself different sources of life. I really want our Republic to become famous in the world.

My favorite place

My favorite place is a bank of the Lena River. It is very beautiful place I have ever seen. When you first come to the broad river, especially in summer time, you feel yourself remarkably slightly like birds releasing in the freedom.
The river itself very calm, cool and has a lot of mysterious. The nature along the river is very beautiful. There are cliffs columns in which our ancestors depicted calendars and animals. They are still there. Here you can breathe a fresh air, go along the shore, open yourself new things and take photo. Also you can see different sorts of woods which stands bowing to water, river lapping on your feet, fresh wind blow your face and hair and sunset itself are unforgettable feeling each people has felt.
Every summer I go to my relative’s country house which situated near the bank of the Lena River. We are all make roasted meats and do a little picnic. During the picnic we swim and enjoy nature. I like this place and I will go there every year.

About a person I know well

A person I am going to describe is my grandmother. Now she is eighty five years old and leaves far from there in her native village. In fact, she is not tall, but fit; she has short grey hair always adjusted by comb and has a charming smile. I admired my grandmother for her kindness and love. She gives it for all whom around her. Though she is eighty five years she is very energetic. She always does her works at home, cooks patties with meat and rice which very tasty to eat. In spring time she plants flowers which make her house fairly beautiful.
My grandmother is a very happy person, because she has a lot of grandchild. Having a lot of grandchild she is very rich person. We all love her. She always talks with us, tries to solve a problem and gives advices. Also she likes when we ask her about childhood. She tells us about War time years.
She worked as a nurse for forty years. I know that through her hands cured a lot of people including me. Working at the hospital she took part in many conferences and celebrations.
She never loses her despair. I want not to see her in sad mood, but smiling and joking me.

Smoking must be banned in all restaurants and bars

People often claim that they cannot eat or meet at the restaurants and bars, because of smokers. Some people do not like a smoke and some are allergic. But there are people who smoke and visit bars and restaurants where they can smoke. So the number of restaurants and bars are increasing and smokers are too.
There are many things to be said against of smoking. Smoker’s choice should not affect the health of others. They are dying slowly. They can get cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems. When you go to the cinema, café and public places there are a lot of smokers around you. Smoke stick to your clothes, hair and they stink. Smokers must keep their bad habits in public places or make it less. Because, they say that people who do not smoke can be second hand smokers and their lung is exposed to smoke.
However, they have rights. How much you ban them to stop smoking it does not work, because smoking is a habit and it is hard to give up. Even though, they can smoke in all restaurants and bars than it cause harm to other.
To solve this problem the administration of public places should make separate places for smokers and non-smokers or to ban smoke indoor. Because a bar and restaurant are places for people to relax and not to smell a smoke. At the same time, if the State ban smoking in bars and restaurants than they might as well ban drinking. It causes just harm to a pocket of an administration.
Some people offer to increase a price on a cigarette till one hundred rubles. For example, they say that in New York the price of cigarette is high and the fine is nearly five thousand. It is the right solution to make our air more clear.
What about our Republic, here we can visit some restaurants were you cannot smoke as ‘Dali’ and were has separate places for smoker and non-smokers as ‘Chicago’.
To sum up, I can say that smokers must smoke less in public places and respect other people rights.

The problem of deforestation

The forests play an essential role on Earth. It is popularly believed that the problem of deforestation one of the most importance and global problem in the world. It is present the threat to animals, ecosystem and using the wood for a long time. Also every village or town depends from wood productions.
The main causes of deforestation are reducing wooded places in agricultural, urban and industrial aims. Because of our development do not stay in one place we use trees to make from them a furniture, a sort of papers. It is well known that wood clean atmosphere. They absorb the carbonate gas and reduce it making an atmosphere cleaner. They also keep a humidity of air and ground. It is raining in the places where a lot of forests. For example, it is area of Brazil and Siberia where forests are in protect. Consequently, on the places where are not wood (Africa, South Europe and Britain) is desert or hot area. There nature is in bad state, lack of animals and water. Because of polluted air it is a big damage for all that breathes. As regards animals, they all forced to immigrate to another place which is wooded. But some animals get the wrong place where other predators destroy them. So the number of animals decrease, sometimes they disappears.
The problem of deforestation could be because of forest, fire and flood. To protect forest we must be ready to any reason of deforestation. For example, in this year we have a big number of forest fires which is continue nearly for a month. We are putting a great effort to stop this catastrophe. It caused a big harm for us and animals. The best things about nature protection are to be careful with match, to create a part or guarded zones and to plant more trees on the places where it needs a forest. Planting trees we will create a new nature in which will be a new life. Some trees like red pine are disappearing. To solve this problem we must duplicate them. For example, in China every person from eleven to sixty years must plant three or five trees in year. I think, it is a good idea. They have a project ‘Chinese a green wall’ which directs on stopping the desert increasing by means of planting trees. We have also an organization which calls ‘Greenpeace’. This organization protects nature by means of attracting to them an attention of society and authorities.
All things considered, we see that a problem of deforestation is solvable. Every person must take part in protection of our nature, our life.

Similarities and differences of reading a story in a book and seeing it as a film

Nowadays, there are a lot of films of novels and stories made by directors. Also a lot of people who like read them, some watch as a film.
It is well known that time of films shorter than the time during you reading a book. But I prefer reading a book than watching it as a film. Because in films you do not image something and just see and enjoy. You see action which another have imaged and depicted in picture. And if you can be a director you also can image in another way. So there are many things to be said in favor of reading a book. When you are reading a book you create your own world, characters, actions and you can feel what you are imaging in your mind, you are full in a book and go on reading till you say yourself stop. So you image and draw all pictures in mind and it is like small movie but just in your head.
The differences could be in description of characters. Director could change some elements, for example, part of body or make them higher or shorter. The difference could be in description of situation or place. They can change all or add something new and make by themselves to attract the audience. Of course, you perhaps find some similarities in it which author wrote in a book, but differences are absolute. We have a lot of films, serials and even cartoons created from the fairy tales and novels by famous writers. For instance, in Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale ‘Mermaid’ the conclusion is wrong in the cartoon. In the book she dies and changes into marine foam, but in the cartoon it ends when Mermaid get married to a prince. So examples like this a lot.
On the whole, both movies and films are interesting things. They make our life wonderful and inspires us belief.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad and studying in your own country

Nowadays studying abroad becomes more prestigious. But studying in your own country has good benefits too.
There are many things to be said in favor of studying abroad. Living in another country can be a new experience in your life, because everything you should see can be at first time. The style of living in another country can give you a little freedom on your movements and self-confidence. Also studying abroad has one major advantage it is learning another language and developing your knowledge. You can learn by your new friends, by television, radio, newspaper and magazines. Moreover you can see museums, visit theaters, and go to the clubs, cinema and so on. In this period you can understand their culture and customs. Nevertheless, it has disadvantages: you will be missing your relatives and friends and prizes in another country will be high. You should waste a lot of money.
On the other hand, there are a lot of advantages studying in your own country. For example, your native house is here and your friends and relatives there too. You need not to miss them and they will not worry about you, you need not to waste much money in living and in food. Even though you will study foreign language at your University, you will learn it and their culture. Besides, there are a lot of exchange students who come by programme from another country. So you can talk with them and improve your knowledge of foreign language.
On e whole, studying at home and abroad both have benefits. But if you want to study foreign language, you should choose where it would be better.

The importance of technology in society

A lot of people believe that technology will develop with a high speed and it will be robots among us. Who knows? May be it will really happen. And what kind of planet will be in the future? Now we have many kind of technology such as TV, phone, cars, computers, kitchen equipment, and so on. We will cutted off from the world without them and spent much time on walking.
There are many things to be said in favor of technology in society. The main advantage of technology is that we do not spend a lot time with it. We just phone or drive by car, find information or news from TV, computer, radio not putting a big effort on them. What is more, they not occupy huge territories.
Secondly, they make our life easier, interesting and give big joy. The things like TV, computer, car, phone and other color life.
Besides, scientists make more and more discoveries in technology inserting in it theirs ideas. They try to create as little as possible technology, for instance, nana technology in which will save more information and which abilities higher than previous ones. So in the future it will be little things among us.
Thirdly, discovering space ability of scientists. Creating a rackets gave us huge possibilities to investigate other planets such as Mars, Sun and Saturn. If the technology will do a big step in opening other planets compounds where the humanity could live than we can travel in space, see stars and our planet from the space.
Finally, our health depends on technology. If there were not medicine we should die at young ages from any disease. The technology gave us such medicines and apparatus which save our lives. On the other hand these technologies influence on us. For instance, all kind of cars pollute air, consequently, to us, animals and nature. At the same time the departure of rackets in space make big damage for our health. The x-rays and infra-red rays complicate our life. Not only the departure of rackets in space damages health, but watching TV, playing or sitting opposite the computer and phoning as well. It is harmful for your eyes and bearing.
On the whole, technology in society is very importance. If the scientists did not discover the technology we were lived in society like in a middle Ages.

Outline of myself.
I. Physical characteristics
• Height, hair, characteristic
• Nationality…
II. Personality
III. Habits
IV. Family: mother, father, sisters, relatives
V. Place: native village, hostel
VI. Education: in school, in University
VII. Preferring: things like, things dislike
VIII. Future plans: How to get job, your job, own family
IX. Conclusion

The most popular career choices in my country in the next five years

The world of professions is rather rich. Really nowdays life offers us an astonishing variety of occupations. Choosing a career is a very serious question of vital importance. John Galsworthy said: "If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one". I can't help agree with these words.And now i would like to take a little trip to the nearest future and imagine what career choices will be popular in my country. Without any doubts today our country develops on high rapidity, especially at industry. That is why to my mind industrial professions have a good perspective. Besides it is almost impossible to imagine our life without modern technologies and computer. People who work with computers, as systems analysts, designers and developers, computer programmers, web developers, consultants and information managers play very important role and have a good future .Moreover t is generally believed that professions of teachers, doctors will be popular and necessary for all time.

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