Mary Betunskaya

What makes me special.

It would be better if I begin this essay about myself by the describing of my appearance. So, I am the evenk nationality, not so tall, my weight is 49 kg. I think that pretty appearance makes us special in a way, because it pleases you just to speak with people who are attractive. But also we have our inner world which plays the main role in our lives, as for me, I think that I am an interesting person. I am fond of listening to music, reading books, watching films and so on. I like to communicate with people, sometimes it seems to me that I just can not imagine my life without communication because I am very talkative person, and I think that you will never be bored with me. I have lots of ideas, thoughts, so I can say that this also makes me bright and special.
What else can I add about myself? I know that we all differ from each other and it is cool because you will never find the same person. My friends think that I am the crazy one because of my chacacter; one day I am so emotional, the next I am very brave and can do anything in a bet. If you ever heard the song 'I bet you look good on the dance floor' you will understand who I am. I do not like to seat in one place and do nothing. It is boring, all I need is not to waste my time even a minute, because I do not know what is gonna happen tomorrow.
To conclude it all, I would like to add everybody makes his person by himself, just live and take everything what you want.

If you have an opportunity to come to Yakutia, will you meet with students from our university?

Personally, I've never been to Russia, but I've always wanted to go there! Even though I don't know much about your country, I have read about cities like Moskva and St.Petersburg, and they both seem like amazing cities! So I would probably go to one of those places before I come to Yakutia. But sure, if I ever come to your city, I could meet up with students from your University. I'm sure it would be very interesting!:)

My opinion on Fast food
Dependence from gadgets.

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