My Favorite Place Dorik Danilov

We all have a place where we have a good feelings. Where are we comfortable with, and sometimes we can't live without it. For each person this place is special for him. For me this is a place called home village.
I came from a village called Suntar. I was born and lived there until my school graduating. My village is famous for good terrain and pure nature. There is one of the best in our country festival called Ysyakh. In Suntar there are many interesting and famous sightseeing. For example there is Elgey museum good known outside from our country. There are collected the exhibits of different animals. In summer there is an unusually beautiful. There is a great beach where you can swim. Also you can swim in clean lakes. Summer is a very good time to rest and even more in fresh air, and outside the city. Every summer, we swim there with friends, water and sun, which can be wonderfully in the summer heat. In winter there is an unusually warm. No such cold as here. It happens that on New Year's temperature was 5 degrees below zero. It was great for New Year's walk through the streets in native village and home region with your friends. Also it is so cool to go out with your friends at barbecues on nature.
I think Suntar the best place on Earth. I was born there, where I grew up and lived. And I miss my native home so much. Because I wasn't there for about three years. Everyone should remember where he came from. And don't forget about those days when he lived and grew up there.

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