My Favorite Place Ta

Summer is my favorite season and each summer with friend I go to the picnic in my lovely place. This place is situated near the wonderful river Lena. Lena is wide and beautiful river and at night there is amazing picture in sunset time. I always watch this process and each time I admire.
Of course, nature is not nature without trees and forest. There is small forest with high trees. Forest is so green and dense and almost there is no light, the light rays of the sun almost do not penetrate in the forest.
I like this place because there is sand. I like feel warm sand under my foots and lie there. Often after long swimming I prefer to lie on the sand with wet body and again go to the cold water of the Lena.
Also there is unusual or, say, attractive thing what decorates the place. It is big bush on the middle. The bush is so green and useful, because we can put our clothes on it.
On the left side of my lovely place you can see small hill. The hill is picturesque too but I never went there and I am sure the picture from this place is magnificent.
So, I am happy that I have such splendid place to relax and feel fresh air. I am waiting for hot summer to go to that place again enjoy and admire on this wonderful place.

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