My Favourite Place

My favourite place which is important to me is my grandfather's house. It was in village and i lived there when I was little. After that time every summer I visited it till now. So I associated it with carefree and happy childhood.

It was a big wooden house with six rooms: three bedrooms, living-room, kitchen with cellar and library. I was an only child and did what I wanted there. But I never dropped in one bedroom, we called it "the last room". Even now I feel strange fear to go into that room.

That house was cold in the winter but it was very big, light and cosy. there was a real stove, and when grandfather set a fire, it made a soft, warm and homely athmosphere with its characteristic sound of burning. There was a large garden, where were kitchen-garden, greenhouse and summerhouse, where we used to drink tea in eveing.

Now it is an old house, where nobody lives in. But I feel a warm nostalgia everytime when I visited it and I keep it in my mind as a happy moments of my life in a place, important to me.

Luiza, I agree with you, home is the most important place in people's life Motya Zakharova

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