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Yakut people have original culture and traditions. "Olonkho" (national epic) is one of the most interesting oral national creation which is very rich in ancient words, expressive means. What national traditional creations do Norwegian people have?

Hi, the bunad is Norway's decorative and traditional national costume which varies in design from region to region around the country. A traditional bunad is handmade from homespun wool. HÃ¥vard

In our region the Nordlandsbunad is very common, but also the Tromsbunad is popular here. People tend to choose the bunad that belongs to the place where they live, or where their family originate from. - Kristine

The Sami people, who typically live far north in Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland, also have a national costume. Here are some pictures: Picture 1 and Picture 2.
- Christian

Where I come from we have the Trønderbunad which is very popular. People use them for various occations such as weddings and major celebrations. In old times they were used as everyday clothing, but today it is seen as a more formal outfit.

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