Smoking Must Be Banned In All Restaurants And

One of the biggest problem of human lifestyle was the smoking, and still this problem exists. Very harmful and destructive for people's health, but legally sold - cigarettes. People who smokes first tried their smoking experience in childhood, and since then, they can not stop - smoking causes addiction. Many non-smokers are against of smoking in public places like bars and restaurants and I totally agree.

The biggest mistake is that people think, that they harm only themselves when they smoke, but smoke harms everybody who are near the smoker. The people who do not have such bad habit has no other choice, but to accept the smokers in their lives. Even if you are at some public places, like restaurants or bars. Many people visit such places with their family, children and want to spend there a good time, but that smell and smoke spoils your good evening at the restaurant, that is why smoking in bars must be banned.
But smokers also have their rights. They want to have a good time with friends at bar, talking on some topic, while they are smoking. They say, that cigarettes are good to feel relaxed. Many people have very intense, stressful jobs, so they wants to have a cigarette.
The solution of the problem of smoking in public places are very simple. There always must be zones for smokers, so that they do not disturb other people. As for me, I stick to the people, who are against of smoking in bars and restaurants, because smokers spoil the air with that nasty smell, food which is served there and harm the people's health. This must be stopped

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