Here I want to tell you about my favorite place. This place is my home, and my room of course. My home is not so big, it is only two living rooms and a kitchen. We are living here for more than seven years but next year . I have my own room but my sister and parents are living together. Of course it is not so comfortable but next year I will have my own place because this flat is not big enought for four people, and my sister needs her own room because she is already nine class student. I was always wondering about my own flat and now it is happening. My favorite places in flat are my room and balcony. The balcony is so big and wide that I like to spend hours just standing there and observe people going down-there. At the days of summer I like to sit on chair with a cup of tea and read book. The atmosphere at home is always warm and homely. Everybody have his own duties, for example sisters cleans home and I doing all hard work. Parents dont have time to do all homework and of course we are trying to help tham and try to keep the house in clean and lovely atmosphere. And of course my room. My room is a special place for me. I spend there biggest part of my home staying. I dont know why but my room is brown. I was not doing it for special but everything here is brown. On the wall you can see a lamp in form of the sun and if you close the windows by brown blids and turn the lamp on whole room will be look like arabic. My big brown bad takes 1/3 of square. This bad is too big and takes a lot of free space which could be used in different way. In conclusion I want to say that no metter what is your place, your home or your table in cafe, the thing is that only we can make some place lovely to us.

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