I want to tell about my favourite place, exactly about balcony in the sister's flat. It's about 2 square meters but its enough for relaxing and living in blind happiness. Even at winter it's wonderful to stay for 5 minutes on balcony. There is some magic. At first time i thought that it was too narrow for me but after few visits of that i changed my mind. The main reason for visiting it is the my bad habbit - smoking. Yes i know, but i gave up to chuck it down.It's may be strange but there is only one thing - chair which made of wood.At summer i prepare some lunch which made of bred and some ingredients with a good cup of tea. The scenery from my balcony is not so good , it's typical ghetto (the back of KFEN) but i found in that some beatiful art, the resistance of ghetto to power of city. I can stay on balcony for a looong time. For me it's place where i can forget all my problems until some of my relatives will disturb me.

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