Reading And Seeing Dorik Danilov

Reading a story in a book or seeing it as a film. To my mind seeing a film is easy than a reading a story in a book. When you see film you can see everything about story which you can read.
First of all people has a book than the TV in the past. People started reading a book and then seeing films. When people learned writing and reading, it was a great step for this ages. Then after many years mankind came to the technology. They started with the electricity, than created a magic box where you can see some images. It is called TV. When it happend mankind started watching. It was a great step for them. It is an evolution, and a process of mankind proceeding.
The similarities of this statement are that it is a same story. You can read or see it in both cases. The same actors and same actions. Both case bring you to one end. You can feel this story and make some conclusions.
The differences of this statement are that there are no TV's in the past which you can see the story about something but you can only read it. When you read you can imagine the plot of story, what is happening in it. You must think about story, what is going on. Create the actors in your mind, what they look like and e.t.c. It is only your imagination. If you cannot read you never understand the story. You must surely learn it. When you see it in a film, you must only watch and understand that you can read in the whole story. You dont imagine or think a lot. You only watch.
In conclusion I would like to say that seeing a film more easy than reading. Because you only watch what happend, make some ideas, and enjoy. When you read the feelings are different. You always imagine what happend in the story, actions and something else. You must create and imagine about it. It is quite hard than seeing a film. But by the one side reading gives you something more than seeing. The story is created by yourself, you can do your own course of story. When you watch a film, you have a picture of the story, you needn't imagine or create the actions or actors. Everything is already done. And it is a quite poor. But I like watching films and reading a book also, all cases in what the story is. That is all.

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