Sample Letter To The Authoroties

You live near a dangerous road junction where several accidents have occurred. Write a letter to the authorities, describing the prob¬lem and suggesting how further accidents could be avoided.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to bring to your attention the dangerous state of the road junction between Ellis Road and Wiltshire Avenue in the village of Hazlemere. During the last year there have been a large number of accidents at this junction and it seems to me that something must be done.
The basic problem is the lack of road signs on Ellis Road warning drivers of the junction. In particular, for traffic approaching from the north, there are no warning signs at all until they have reached the junction. Since the speed limit on this road is 60 mph, drivers do not have time to slow down, with the result that they go through the stop sign directly into the lane of east-bound traffic on Wiltshire Avenue.
Furthermore, the junction also presents a danger to the chil¬dren walking to and from the local primary school. Due to the fact that there is no safe place to cross, several children have been injured in minor accidents. Yet more accidents have been caused by the fact that drivers have swerved to avoid children stepping off the pavement.
One solution to the problem would be to install signs on Ellis Road. These should be clearly visible and large enough to make drivers aware of the junction. Also, the speed limit must be reduced to make sure that cars travel at a speed at which they are able to slow down and stop safely.
In addition to this, a proper crossing must be provided for pedestrians at the junction. Doing so would ensure that drivers were not distracted by people crossing the road. Moreover, flashing lights would act as a further warning, forcing drivers to slow down even more, thus reducing the danger to local people. I hope you will give this matter your urgent consideration and that suitable measures will be taken before more acciden¬ts occur.
Yours faithfully,
K.J. Wright

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