Similarities And Differences Of Reading A Book And Watching

reading a good book is amazing. you deeply fall into story and can not stop reading. your goal is to read this book from a to z. do you remember this kind of book? i do. i can not say about my self that i am a mature book reader but if i open a realy book interesting book i can not stop by self. i can read all night and night. but also i am a good movie lover. there can be a lot of minds what is better, to read the book or watch the film based on the book. for example the bestseller of our generation is a story of Harry Potter. first i red a book and that watched the film. i can say that book was more intresting but in film i watch in real what was in my imagination.i watched all magic of the story. All dragons and fights which were in my mind i could watch in film. so this is very interesting situation. on one hand you can choose a book and read it and imagine everything buy your self and make your own world. but on the other hand you can know all the story in few hours, but you will watch the imagination of film director.

Everybody have their own tastes.somebody dont have enough time to read a book and prefer to watch the film based on, somebody just have their own life style and only read the book. you can choose by your self what to do.

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