Popular Career For Young People In The Next Five Years

The problem of careee is usually hard to solve , but in every country there are popelar job and work, for example in India it's the job of doctor , in our country is to work in bank or have own businness, etc. Now the most popular profession is the profession of the bankeer , something finantial , beacause our country is poor people want to be reach and work near the cash and money. But it was for 10 yaers , now i thing that working class get more popelarity , because the middle salary of finansist in a middle town is aboyt 10000-15000 rubles but for welder is about 30000 rubles per month not including the other works where welder can work. But my choise is to be a teacher, i do not know why but i want to check my self in such hard work as teacher. It so pitty that profession of teacher is not popular and not respectable but there are changes , goverment try to increase salary of teacher and support them.
In conclusion i want to say that salary and popular is closely connected. If the work of street cleaner will be 100000$ all people would learn for cleaner. It's too easy to manipelate people mind.

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