Similarities And Differences Of Reading A Story In A Book. LL

Reading story and watching film. People may think it is similar. What can possibly be different?
Many people read books. I do read books too, and I agree when some people say that there is no film which can replace a good book, because when you read book you make your own world, you use your imagination instead of watching other man's. Both books and films are made to entertain people. Or to teach something. It is interesting to compare the story in a book, how you were imagining it and how imagined it a director of a film.
Of course, you may dislike how story in a book was shown in a film. It can be much worse, than you expected. Films cannot include everything, every scene, description of a nature, of people, author's thoughts. There are only handful of films, that are as interesting as a book. And the director of a film must be a real genius.
However, there are people, who prefer watching films, because there are action, beautiful scenes and beautiful actors. They say, tastes are different. But, if you first read the book, you'll never think, that film can be as good as book. For instance, nowadays the most popular book is "Harry Potter" written by Joanne K. Rowling. First, I read the story in a book and then I saw film - It was terrible. I turned the video off, since fifteen minute from the beginning.
People have different tastes, some of them prefer books, some films. Reading story in a book and watching it as a film have something in common, but generally, there are only differences

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