Similarities Differences Of Reading A Story In A Book And Seen It As A Film

Similarities and differences of reading a story in a book and seeing it as a film.
To read good story is amazing. You penetrate into a book imaging actions, characters and you make own vision of it and even do not feel time, you are full in a book and do not exist in reality. You forget absolutely everything and just in world which read. You eat word by word and create unreal situation in your mind.
Besides reading, people are fond of seeing films. There are a lot cinemas where films are shown, DVDs everybody has and etc. Of course, movie is interesting thing and magnificent creation of humanity, but you do not image something and just see and enjoy. You see action which another have imaged and depicted in picture.
Nowadays it is usual when directors make films of famous writers’ story, novels. Your read novels are shown as a film and it is good chance to compare and to check imagination of yours. If there is something that you have thought in mind and has been depicted in a film.
First of all ordinary you read interesting novel which impressed very much. You image and draw all pictures in mind and it is like small movie but just in your head. Then you listen that there is film of your interesting book which you have read and wonder if this film is really fantastic as book, if it attracts attention and impresses or if there similarity or there is difference. So, finally you see this film and understand that differences are more than similarity. Of course you perhaps find some similarities in it which author wrote in a book, but differences are absolute. If in book characters act one, on films they are another, or something important thing was cut and finally makes the picture unattractive and uninteresting, because audience wait for precisely that what they read in a book and changing is awful to attitude.
So, as rule directors always making film from novel add something new or cut one picture. There are no films which have absolutely similarities between books and films. And it is so difficult to show for example nature or description of appearance and so on naturally what is perfectly and understandably depicted in a book.
So, and there is n one films which have similarity and always there are differences between them.

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