Smoking Must Be Banned In All Restaurants And Bars Anka Glus

Smoking is a big problem for many people. If you have this ruinous habit you must make effort to break it. The governments of the USA are fighting against it for a long time. They banned it on the public places and on the streets. The cigarettes cost 10 dollars and it is a middle prize for it. If you break the rule you must pay 500 dollars. They do it not only to comfort for non-smoking people but to help smokers to break this habit. If you live in the USA you understand that smoking is very expensive thing. In our city there are a lot of restaurants and bars which have places for non-smoking people. And you can also find cheap cigarettes which cost 20-25 rubles. In Russia there are no bans for smoking on the street. You can see young boys and girls are smoking after public buildings and people are smoking on the bus stops.
Smoking is a habit which gradually destroys your health. You don’t notice how your lungs are ruining. The fat from cigarettes nicotine is accumulating on your arteries and in time it would corking it up. Also this fat is accumulating on all your organs. How about your skin? Or nails? You must be known what it can be happened with it. And in time you will notice that you can’t discern some smells any more. But how people can break this habit? It is very difficult you know. But there are a lot of programs for smoking people. They are trying to hypnotize you and convince that you hate smoking. It works if you really want to break it. And also we have nicotine plasters pills and gums which help you to break the rule. The modern technologies are offering electronic cigarettes. You can smoke where do you want and be calm because you don’t disturb for non-smoking people. But it cost five thousand rubles and not anyone can buy it.
Smoking must be banned in all restaurant and bars. Because it is very awful when smell like an ash-tray after dinner. And then you go home and explain to your parents why you are smelling so disgusting.

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