Smoking Must Be Banned In All Restaurants And Bars Dorik Dan

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits. It is a problem which is faced by almost everyone. Fighting with it is very hard, but it also can be solved. People start smoking because of curiosity. And also the special role played around you campaign and friends. Some people do not realize the danger and harm that smoking causes. What diseases can appear from smoking.
I think that smoking should be banned in restaurants and bars to increase smoking rates. For example in some public places can be children or those who can not take the smell of cigarettes. It should at least to make a special places for smokers and non-smokers. Or even create a special organisation for anti-smoking. For example, in clubs or bars there are often smokers, and after you've been there, you go home with the smell of cigarettes on your clothes. It is very unpleasant. You have to wash the clothes afterwards.
In the end I would say that smoking is one of the critical problems of society like alcohol. One can fight. People can live without smoking. No one wants this thing. On cigarettes you are wasting time and money, but the most of all you harm your health and your health is the most important.

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