Smoking Must Be Banned In All Restaurants And Bars Ta

Smoking is a bad habit of humanity, influencing on health and actually on people life in future. Most of citizens do it regularly and waste much money. They smoke everywhere, exactly, in public. And it is so awful when smokers do it in such public places as in restaurants, cafes and bars.
To feel smoke in place where you have a rest is too hard and uncomfortable to relax. People go to the public places to drive away fatigue after working week-days or just have a dinner, supper or meet with friends, partners from work and so on. And to spend time in restaurants or bars with smoke atmosphere is like to be in smoke room as smoke is unpleasant smell. The cigarette smoke absorbs in clothes, hair what makes people to feel inconvenient.
Also one reason why smoking must be banned in all restaurants is bad influence on health. Everybody knows that smoking is not only bad for active smoker but also to passive. When non-smoker people sit in restaurant and bars and smell cigarette smoke it hurts not less on their health. Even they said that smoke has big harm on passive smokers. Passive smokers are smokers as ordinary smokers.
So, smoking is big problem of humanity and nowadays this problem has not solved, but people must strive to aim of averting smoking and start to ban doing it restaurants, bars, cafes-public places and it will be step to healthy life.

Tuyara, I like your essay and share your opinion Motya Zakharova

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