Smoking Must Be Banned In All Restaurants And Bars Z Motya

Last time some people argue that smoking in all restaurants and bars must be put under a ban. What about me, I definitely share these people’s opinion. Public places are supposed to be isolated from smoking zones.
Following the experience of the Western countries, the number of spaces where people can smoke is being reduced. For instance, in the United States and Canada one cannot see people smoking in public places. Furthermore, the Moscow Duma is going to ban smoking everywhere except some special places outside. It should be pointed out that, in some way, the solution of that problem is the index of the civilized country.
It is well known that people going to some restaurant or bar have a right to look forward to a good time-spending and pleasant meal. Unfortunately, all their expectations are often being spoiled by the odour of smoke. Most of our restaurants and bars have no proper ventilation systems and therefore, to put it bluntly, there is no air to breathe. This is one of the reasons some people prefer not to go there to become permeated with the smell of smoke.
What is more, toxic puffs of cigarettes have a negative influence on all the creatures around, starting with plants and ending with smokers themselves. Of course, it is the well known fact, but some of these smokers manage to forget about it when they are talking about the infringement of their rights. What about the rights of children coming to the restaurant with their parents? Are they have to inhale that poisoned air? We cannot even talk about the next healthy generations if we cannot work out this problem.
At the same time we live in so-called democratic country where everybody has equal rights. Smokers are just people with a weakness for cigarettes or even, if one may put it in that way, sick people. But still they have rights to come to some restaurant and expect to receive a good service too.
In conclusion, I would like to say that smoking is the dangerous social phenomenon which must be fought against. We have to protect our space from envenomed smoke which worsen the quality of our life.

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