Some Reasons Against Fast Food

Everybody knows about harm of fast food which has a lot of carcinogens, cholesterol and sodium that is why I don’t want to tell about it. I just tell you my reason why I am against fast food.

The main reason is my predilection for vegetarianism. And as we know in fast food preparation someone use meat and the products of an animal origin which sicken to my principles. I just cannot eat animals! I am assured that people can perfectly live meatless because meat is badly acquired by an organism unlike vegetative fibers. By the way, it was found out that while kill an animal it has awful stress and allocates in meat harmful toxins. It is absolutely unpleasant to me to eat a flesh.

The second reason is a danger of adiposity. Fortunately, adiposity does not threaten me thanks to my constitution, but I would not like to suffer in an old age because of cholesteric plaques at all. I simply like to live without special problems with my health. It is enough to me to look at people dependent from fast food that refuses its use. These people were voluntary enslaved to meal and it is sad… I wish to avoid such fate and It is possible to tell that I choose for myself other way.

And the last one, I would not like to enrich so the rich companies at all. I do not burn with the desire to spread at all the money for such useless meal because to tell the truth it is time and health waste. After all it is possible to spend money more favorably, for instance, to buy a good book or to go in theatre.
Hmm… maybe I think too radically but I am assured of the correctness. As someone clever has told we should do that we consider correct. Do what you want and get what you want! I even would tell that it is my life slogan.
So, I have acquainted you with some reasons why I do not eat this or that food.

Thanks for your attention;)

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