The Description Of My Favourite Place

I would like to describe you a place which i enjoy visiting with my family from time to time. This place has no walls and no ceiling. However, this place leaves unforgettable expression on every person who has been there once.
That place is situated in Churapchunskiy region, not far from village of Mindagai near the river Amga.You would be amazed by green expanse of fields and wooded mountains. Those mountains look like hills surrounding that place and that give you the feel of quiet and safe nook. The river curves on the foot of the mountains.
The air there is transparent and sweet, it is soaked by aroma of flowers and soil. And when you are lying on the sandy beach, the sun is shining softly and wind is blowing placidly, you could dream your dreams for hours. Crystal streams of the Amga river flow away carrying all your troubles and bringing the relaxation.
And when the sun goes down and trees stop to rustle, you can see stars shining brigtly above you. The melody of the moonlight reflects on the water shrivel.
This is the place I keep in my mind to appreciate those moments in long winter evenings.

hi,motya! i had been there, it is near our village! i am absolutely agree with you, it is unforgettable place for everyone! Ira Solovyova

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