The Description Of My Favourite Place Z Motya

There is a song “Small” performing by the British rock band the Queen, where there are such lines: “Everyone needs the place they can hide. Hide away, find the place to be alone.” To my mind, these lines of the lyrics express my attitude to the place I consider perfect to relax and have a rest.
This place is situated in the river Amga near the village Myndagai in Churapchinsky region. The Amga flows along the sandy banks, winding under the chain of wooded mountains. Just a little higher up the banks there is a plain surrounded by willows and bushes, which cast a shadow on the sand. From the village Myndagai following the country road you can reach this fantastic place just in half an hour. There are not so many people who know about this place, so you are not going to be bothered.
It is such a pleasure to spend time there, alone or with your closest people, swimming in the crystal waters of the Amga, baking in the sun and enjoying a picnic. The gentle breeze brings the coolness and freshness in a sultry day. It seems to be soaked with the aroma of herbs, water and the sun. Swimming in the river it is so easy to forget all the troubles and imperfections of the world and let the streams carry you along further and further. Everything around you fills with the significance and clears your mind.
That is why this place is perfect for thinking over your life and resting with all your heart and soul.

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