The Importance Of Tech In Society

Technologies in our life takes almost first place. Many things are impossible without technologies, that helps us in every way of our life. Education, entertainment, work - this is all the technologies, that we, people of twenty first century are using. Even when we communicate we use internet, web cams, social networks, mobile phones. When we go for studies or work - we go by cars. When we listen to a music, we use players, and, on my mind, nowadays people cannot imagine their lives without all these gadgets. Technologies makes our life easier, much interesting.
The most useful technologies are computer and internet. People cannot live a day without these inventions. It makes easier all functions of our everyday life. We know about news from all over the world not from the newspapers or even television. Internet is the key to everything. New technologies captured the World and it will never change. We may call it addiction. Addiction to the technologies.
From now on, as the technologies grow faster and faster, we may say that technologies in society are very important, and without them modern life is impossible

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