The Importance Of Technology In Society LL

We are living in twenty first century, the century of new technologies and hi-tech. But nowadays we cannot do anything without help of these technologies and not so often think what will happen, if all these devices will disappear as if they didn’t exist at all. Understanding the importance of technology is a must for young as well as senior citizens. With technology being such a massive part of our lives, we need to know more. Telling the truth we do not imagine ourselves without personal computer, internet, mobile phone, oven, washing machine, fridge, mp-3 player, TV set and so on. It becomes the end of the world, when one forgot his mobile phone at home or when the portative personal computer suddenly become out of order. Yes, we got accustomed with the new technologies, different devices and gadgets and now we are gradually losing our ability to do something by ourselves without machines. Of course, it has a harmful influence that the human in near future will not be able to do anything without machines, but on the other hand it has a very good and important purpose.

The early human life was very hard and full of danger, and according to their development people began to make some useful things, with the help of which they could afford themselves a living minimum as to make a meal for themselves and to stay alive. After long time from these times, modern people invented and created the mechanisms and technologies which made their life easier and more pleasant. It is very good to my mind that a man uses his brain and creates, then makes some important and needful things for himself. For example, home devices. I think, they take a first place of using technologies pyramid. Now with an automatic washing machine we cannot imagine that in past times we washed a mountain of clothes by our hands, also we cannot imagine any modern home without a TV set, there is no one without a mobile phone devices. Nowadays almost all in the world is based in computer and other new high technologies. So I am sure, that the importance of technology in society is very big and meaningful. To my mind, one does not see some bad things or aspects in the way that the people use things, which they created to make their life easier. And of course, technologies and sciences will develop day after day, more and more new technologies will be created. And this is very good, because it is really help to people.

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