The Importance Of Technology In Society Anka Glushak

Human is the strongest animal on the earth. Why is it so? Because man can do some constructive thinking.
We are the strongest or we only think like this? In one hand we are so vulnerable. Our body is very weak. Sometimes it can’t fight with simple bacteriums. And that’s why we need to take different pills and vitamins especially if you are living in a city. Here is the air pollution. In the other hand we are very dangerous for other living creatures because we have a technology. A lot of people claim that our life is impossible without technology. It helps us to make our life more simple and comfort. The man created many things to survive. There are a lot of things which do our life more easy for instance cars and flights. The main it advantage is speed. We can know about world news from TV-sets and radios. Refrigerators help us to keep our food. We can live in extreme terms. But there are disadvantages in technology. It is the cause of air pollution. Traffic produces ozone which can reach dangerous levels in summer. And it is also one of the major causes of global warming and climate change. Moreover there are a lot of traffic jams and people become stressed tired and angry when they stuck in them. But any way the man made a big progress in sciences thanks to technology. We were in a moon and we can fly in some ways. People can treat many diseases. But the nature is not infinity and we must to safe it.
We have a lot of people who are trying to keep the world. For instance “Green Peace”. This is the famous organization the participants of which always advocate peace. Also we have World Wild Fond “WWF” which is one of the authority organization all over the world. They are collaborating with all countries in the world. We need to safe a lot of animals which are in International Red Book.

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