The Importance Of Technology In Society Dorik Danilov

At the moment, technology is an integral part of our lives. Humanity can not do without technology such as cars, computers, appliances, etc. Also, technology is continually evolving. And soon people will create a technology allowing to create extraordinary things.
On the one hand technology leads mankind to the future and a more easy life. Technologies exist to simplify people's lives. Without technology people would not be able to live. For example the Internet is a very useful thing. On the Internet you can meet new people, chat with friends, watch news, shopping, and so on. Cars give us the opportunity to move quickly. Television gives us the opportunity to see widely. Planes make man fly. Ships learn to swim. Science will always be linked with the technology. Further and further technologies will be developed.
On the other hand technology has a negative side. People are different and they have a desire for new victories and tops. That does not sound bad. But with the development of mankind, there is such a threat as weapons of mass destruction. For example technology weapons.
In the end I would like to say that the technologies help people. But on the other hand there is the likelihood that human can create a thing to destroy it.

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