The Importance Of Technology In Society Z Motya

Just try and imagine, that you wake up in the morning and realize that all the technologies created by human-beings disappeared as they never really existed. It goes without saying, that mankind as we known it before will disappear after its technologies.
It is quite evident, that people nowadays almost lost their ability to do something with their bare hands, or produce something for a living. We turned into the society of the absolute consumption.
However, let us go on fancying about that apocalyptic morning further. The technologies begin to vanish in reversed order of their inventing, step by step.
First of all, mobile connection, the global web Internet, computers and other gadgets are taken away from us. People have to go to the libraries and post offices again and talk to each other by ordinary phones. It seems, these are little inconveniences that can be solved. The lives of people get slower, but no means harder.
Second, all the mass media system, including newspaper, radio, television, as well as kitchen equipment, for example, refrigerators, ovens, running water vanish from the face of the earth. The electricity, telephone, medicine and social services are being replaced by fire, old-fashioned letters and ancient forms of treatment, in their turn. Beginning with this point, it is not possible to lead our usual life, as all the forces are sent for recovery of social connections and other kind of work. The marauding is flourishing. Here and there are occurring national outbreaks, masses begin to show their brutal features. The governments try to improve the situation.
Next, all the buildings, transport and city infrastructures disappear completely. Some of the people unite into some kind of tribes to defend themselves from another people who have gone into marauding and anarchy. The government cannot control the situation anymore and wind up itself. Such notions, as culture, humanism, religious belief or civilization loose their significance and just sink into oblivion. The main purpose now is to get food and survive. In the end, the greater majority of people die of starvation, different diseases, coldness or murder. The left part of people returns to the half savage, or even animal, condition.
As we see, the connection between technologies and society are quite obvious. Actually, our society is based on its technologies and unable to exist without them.

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