The Problem Of Deforestation Dorik Danilov

Thousands and thousands of kilometers of forests are cleared each year to make way for development. The once beautiful forests are reduced to barren landscapes. This is for the sake of development, for the advancement of man.
Deforestation is a global issue, which makes it a more difficult problem to address than if it were strictly a domestic one or even if it were occurring only in one region of the world. Deforestation not only takes place in various regions of the world it also affects to everyone with the potential for worldwide ecological devastation. The size of the problem has been accelerating in recent years.
What happens when we are felled the trees? First of all, the heavy tropical rains will carry away the rich topsoil, and the land without its topsoil will no longer be fertile. Slowly but steadily the vegetation will give way to wasteland.
Secondly, the flowing water will not only wash away the topsoil but will deposit it in the rivers. As a result, the rivers will become shallower. Consequently, floods will become frequent in the area. Thousands of people will suffer in these floods.
Another point to note is that animals and plants lives in symbiotic relationships in the balance of nature. Man destroys this balance when he flattens the forests to the ground. They all will be die.
When forests will be felled, it will hit us by full force. Mankind will be thrown into a state of unimaginable suffering and agony. What I am talking about is the lack of oxygen. While cutting down a tree to add yet another piece of luxurious furniture to Man's already opulent lifestyle, people forget that they are also cutting down our supply of oxygen.

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