The Problem Of Deforestation Ta

Forest is our part of life. It gives to us food, spirit calm and forest is our culture. If forests are destroyed in future there will not be animals, plants and if there are no animals and plants the people will not exist.

Because the main food we take from nature and it is so important to keep in safe our forests, especially, keep from fire which starts from negligence of people and drought cause to burn forest destroying everything on the way.

Now people try to solve this problem making discussion on this theme in schools or universities as there are a lot of children and youth which are fond of spend free time on nature, making picnic, campaign with friends.

Of course, children without adults are very dangerous to forest because they do not perfectly know the rule being on a forest and easily can become a reason of deforestation. And youth treats negligently to nature too.

Not everyone cleans all after themselves and blow out the fire. All it depends on the right bringing up. We must since childhood to learn how to behave in nature what to do and what we must not to do. Only since young age we can reach the good attitude to the forests.

On addition to discussion there are posters where people call to safe nature and be careful on forests. Usually such posters are settled near the forests which are popular for the rest. Sometimes some short movies we can see on a TV, propagating citizens look after nature. It is good idea to make information about this problem and its solution.

But also if humanity even keep in safe our forests from fire and understand how to behave there we will not rescue from natural fire. Drought is reason of big deforestation. Solution is only good team of people who are able to solve this problem as they are professional of their deal.

Deforestation is dangerous not only to trees, animals but also to people and we should be careful on forest and always blow out fire in time and not to give fire destroys all living nature which we need so much nowadays.

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