The Problem Of Stray Dogs

Nowadays the problem of stray dogs is burning issue. One can see it everywhere-at population aggregates, at countryside, forest area. Globally there are an estimated 500 million dogs, of which approximately 80% are stray or unwanted. Some of them were left by their owners, others grew up in the streets. The growing armies of stray dogs in Russian cities provoke quite natural fear of inhabitants, who are ready to approve any steps taken by authorities through restriction of dogs’ number. Governmental stray control programs may be brutal and based on inhumane methods of killing.
Many people in our society consider stray dogs as a nuisance. They say things like: “They are dirtying our streets”; “They scare off our children”; “They bite people and spread rabies”; “Why aren’t they removed from here?”
The animal lovers say: “Dogs have a right to live too”; “We don’t own this earth, dogs have equal rights to live on this land”; “How can you throw out a mother and her small furry pups? Don't you have a heart?”
Both parties are right in a way. We cannot kill/remove stray dogs from a place because they are living beings like us capable of all emotions and suffering and hence have a right too like us to live in that space. So, to solve the problem of rabies and over-population of street dogs, we need to find solutions that are ethical and lawful.
The solution of the sterilization and vaccination program will satisfy both the dog ‘haters’ and ‘lovers’. Sterilization basically involves spaying of females and castration of male dogs so that they do not reproduce. Vaccination involves giving the dogs an anti-rabies shot. After sterilization the dogs do not reproduce and hence their population becomes stable. As they are vaccinated against Rabies and other diseases they do not pose any health hazard.

Killing or removal of dogs from an area is not a solution as is normally thought. Since dogs are territorial animals they will not allow any other dog to enter the colony. If the dogs are removed from an area other dogs from surrounding colonies will take their place. Thus we will be back to initial situation after say few months. Further these new dogs may be unsterilized and unvaccinated which will only worsen the situation.
Though it may seem paradoxical, but having dogs in a society makes it safer! Even when guards are employed, they normally sit together at the gate and pass the night especially during the winters. Also when they patrol the colony at night they cannot detect unscrupulous persons hiding behind, say trees or under cars or see them in unilluminated and dark areas. But such persons are easily detected by the street dogs.
In case that the problem of stray dogs became so serious people are guilty. They throw their own pets, and then resent after other thrown dog bites their children. In fact, sometimes these dogs are very dangerous-each pack had its own area or territory. They used to protect their territory with utmost ferocity, unity and sincerity. The primary aim of the pack was to kill or chase away the intruder or enemy. And what did people expect?? Of course animals became wild. If that is the case, why do not these people rebel against bums? It is their own fault that they found themselves at the bottom of life. They are also dangerous circulators of infection, they can also injure people.

Like humans, animals also have a right to live. Because, they are the same as us, just with a lower brain capacity than humans; preventing them from rational thinking and ruling this earth!!! But they have a complete sensory nervous system allowing them to be aware and communicative. They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness, and motherly love. Should the more intelligent humans have rights and the less intelligent humans be denied rights? If that is not so, then why are animals denied their rights?

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