The Problem Of Unemployment Z Motya

The problem of unemployment is the one of the most actual problems of our society today. According to the information of the Federal statistics service Rosstat, the number of unemployed people accounts for about 5,5 million people. It is 7,2 percent of population. The source says, the number of the unemployed has decreased 11,9 percent against last year April. February of 2009 was the highest peak of the unemployment, when 7 million people had no job.
When statistics says that the situation is improving, we see that it is not really improving. For example, stuff reduction is continuing in organizations of Yakutsk. Moreover, it is still difficult to find a job for young specialists. It is meant, to find not a simple physical work, but a job of intellectual character. Every year thousands of young people graduate from institutes and colleges, but only a little part of them mange to get a job they want. Therefore, it is important to think about this problem beforehand.
To my mind, there are several ways in solution of this problem. First of all, it depends to a large extent on the efficiency of the government. The government must control all the processes itself and apply the plan of management actively. In that level, the government must increase the number of working places by the realization of national projects.
Next, privately owned enterprises. The small-scale business plays an important part in the economics of the country. Nowadays in Russian Federation the taxes for small-scale business are too high. Therefore, it is difficult to start your own business from the very outset. To solve this problem, the taxes must be brought down. Banks must give credits with less percent to people who are going to start a business.
In addition, the Ministry of Education must manage the amount of professions that will be actual subsequent years. They say, today’s schoolchildren should enter specialized secondary education colleges, because the country is lack of workers, while a lot of people with higher education have no jobs. However, parents prefer the higher education for their children though.
To my mind, the problem of unemployment cannot be solved completely. But rational politics of the government and responsibility of every citizen can considerably change the situation.

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