Topis For Written Composition

Topics for Written Composition
1. At university, would you rather live alone, with your family, or with a flatmate/roommate? Give reasons
2. Your community is considering building a new shopping centre in the centre of town. Do you support or oppose this plan? Give specific reasons in your answer.
3. What do you feel will be the most popular career choices for young people in your country in the next five years? Explain your answer with examples.
4. Compare and contrast sending personal letters by e-mail and by post. Which do you prefer, and why?
5. Write a narrative essay on the topic: A river trip that went wrong.
6. Give a review of a film you have recently seen and liked (disliked). Remember: A review should guide and inform. A mere retelling of the story is not a review.
7. Is school a place for the imparting of knowledge (understood as certain material to memorize) or a place for the creation and development of a child’s personality? Write an opinion essay.
8. Describe your favourite painting.
9. Write an essay on the topic: How a piece of advice changed my life.
10. Give a character sketch of a person you like (dislike). Remember: The sketch should be informative and convincing enough. A mere outward description of a person is not a character sketch. You should present a sort of critical analysis and pass your own well-grounded judgement of a personality.

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