What Can You You Say For And Against Reading Story In A Book

We live in the century of advanced technology and there are a lot of opportunities to be modern man.
A lot of modern people don’t like read story in a books. They prefer to read it in i-phones or on their telephones. Of cause it is very comfort and you don’t need to carry heavy books with you. It is very handy because you can take with you a lot of books which you want. Some i-phones have a function of reading text, so you only play it and start to listen it. But what about books? Our parents tried to gather libraries at home for us. We can find an interesting book with pictures and read the stories. Now books are something like a capital investments. You can gather the collections of it and be proud. When you are reading the story in your computer you receive a little of radiates. It can be harmful for eyesight and causes a lot of problems with health. Also I find traditional way of reading very romantic and wonderful. It is unforgettable feeling to read an old wise book curled up in a chair while it is hardly snowing outside. I wouldn’t like the next generation to leave behind this awesome leisure pastime in this age of computers and high technology.
You can make your own choice of what are you prefer. And nobody can tell you what can it be.

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