What Do I Feelwill Be The Most Popular Career Choices For Yo

After finishing a secondary school, every school leaver thinks about his future profession and job. And not rarely, almost always they try to choose the profession, which is perspective that after graduating they become a needful specialists.
Such a noble professions as teacher, doctor and lawyer became very wide-spread. There are a lot of young specialists with these professions without a job. And it is very sad picture.
Some time ago, there were a flash of need for specialists of the professions, connected with techniques, mechanics, building, gas and other nature resources. It was when I studied at school. And almost all pupils wanted to enter to that institutes and faculties which graduate these specialists. It was connected with the development of these branches like a building, construction, entering the gas, building a railroads, et cetera. These needs are still actual now. And to my mind, the next five years they will not disappear from the arena of the most popular career choices.
What about other professions, I think, they will have no some big changes, all would be as in the past with their stability. Teachers and doctors have a special peculiarities. They are the hardest, the most difficult to learn professions, but as if it was a joke, specialists with these professions have very little salary. So I think that in far future, when no one would not be a teacher or doctor, then in that time there will be a real need for the specialists with these professions. But one can suppose, that in far future there will be no teacher, children will study at home with their electronic teacher as it was described in a story “The fun they had” written by Isaac Asimov. But now and in the next five or ten years the most popular career choices for young people in our country will be the professions, which are actual and needful now. And precisely the professions which I wrote above: as engineers, gas specialists, specialists of nature resources, and of course, physics and mechanics, who will create new technologies, different gadgets, devices and machines, computer specialists, because nowadays there is no life without them. And of course they will have a good salary than, for example, a simple teacher of math or a medical nurse. In fact, all professions are good it is just need to love one’s job and try hard. Then one can achieve the top.

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