What Is My Opinion About Fast Food

Fast food is very popular thing nowadays. I think that it is like bad habit for lots of people. As I know, because of that kind of food there is a really serious problem with obesity in America. Especially teen-aged Americans suffer from that problem, if I am not mistaken.

As for me, as lots of American teenagers, I find fast food very delicious and sometimes even useful, for example when you do not have free time to cook normal dishes. Thank God, there is no MacDonald’s in our town. I think I would be much fatter than now If there was it. When I first visited MacDonald’s I drank 4 MilkShakes and ate lots of fried potatoes, I just could not stop because It is too amazing. And of course as all amazing that can not be perfect…

People often say that fast food is very dangerous for our health and that it is made from bad sort of products. I suppose that can be true, because there work too much people and I don’t think that all of them worry about sterility. After watching all programs about harmful fast-food I came to realize that there is a choice: if you love to drink Coca-Cola, eat lots of burgers, hot-dogs, pizzas, fried potatoes, chicken etc - you have to be ready to become fat and to have problems with health. But if you want to be thin and healthy there should be no place for this sort of food in your stomach!

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