What Makes Me Special

I am a student of The Institute of foreign philology and country studies and I want to tell you about myself. I would not tell you about my appearance or where had I born and all my life since then, but little about me.
My name is Oleg, I am 20 years old and I study English. I am a very calm person, I do not speak much and sometimes it may cause some problems with teachers because they think I am not working hard and I do not care about studies, but it is not totally true. Still I am not as good as it required from us.

At free time I like watching movies or meet friends. If you ask me what makes me special - I am honest, I respect people, who are serious, polite and who respect other people too. I dislike people who behave themselves like little kids, who do not respect others. I think my best quality is that I can keep secrets and I never betray people, who trust me, and that, on my mind, makes me special, because everything is made on trust.

Oleg, it is very good that you wrote about yourself. I hope that I will come to know you better since now- Marina Ionarievna

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