What Makes Me Special Anka Glushak

There are a lot of people on the earth. The scientist counted up nine billion last year. If we considered that we have a lake of men nowadays there is a lake of place. Not only success coups talent and achievements make ones special. You must be special for your family and friends.
But what makes me special? Everyone wishes to be special, and if no wish then wants. As for me I can sing and dance I’m a meloman at the movies and music. I’m a girl and I like football. Moreover when I was at school I was a captain of our schools volleyball and basketball team. When I came here and went in sport lesson at the first time I supposed that it would be as at school. But I was upset and in shock. Everyday we were running and making sport exercises. It irritated me. What about my personality? So, I am a religion. I believe in God Jesus Maria Magdalena and my Guardian Angel. And I now that they are looking after us and my Guardian Angel every time with me.
I know that I’m very special for my family. For my grandpa I’m an only grandchild. I’m a younger niece among my cousins. And I’m an only child in my family. I’m a younger niece among my cousins. And I’m an only child in my family.
What about my friends? All of us play a great role in our life. We always do everything to help each other. In the future we want to buy a flat for us where we can meet together.

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