What Makes Me Special Dorik Danilov

My name is Danilov Dormidont Michailovich. I was born in Suntar in 26 April 1990. What makes me special? In this question I can answer that I am a very kind person, I consider myself as a very freindly man. The person who can easely find the general language with the other people. I think that the smile is an important thing in our life. When I first meet the person, I am always smile to him and starting talking about something, and it is also important to listen him carefully. I like skating rink, and I thing that I skate very well. I started skate in autumn of last year, and I succeed in this case. Without skating I feel myself bad. I only wait autumn when the warm lake or Saysar lake will be frozen, and I will be skating all the day. It will be the great day after hot summer.
In conclusion I would like to say that I have bad habit. I am lazy. And this habit is bad for me, I wish that I can get rid of this habit in the future.

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