What Makes Me Special Lazareva Luiza

Hello, my name is Luiza, I am eighteen years old and now I am quite happy. All began in 1992, I am an only child in my family and may be a little bit pampered. But due to being an only child, I have got a good base of knowledge for going to school. My mother intensively worked with me and I went to school when I was five years old. Most people think that it is a mistake to go to school in such age, but to my mind they are wrong. I did not have problems with study and successfully finished my school. And in secret I am glad having something kind of spare year. Since the 9th class I planned to enter to the Faculty of Foreign languages. My dream came true and now I am a student of Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies. As for personal qualities, I am a quite secretive person. I guess that only my close friends know me well. Actually I am kind and responsive, I am glad to help, people can rely on me. I do not have some special preference in music. I can listen to all styles and that is why sometimes I am ashamed to show someone a playlist of my mobile phone. I like reading books, classic dance, to walk with friends and alone, to go to the cinema et cetera.
Now I am trying hard to study well and finish my education. I am planning to continue it and to be the one I want to. I am sure, all depends on me and everything will be alright.

Hi, Luiza, I am sure that you will succeed in everything that you are planning to do. Looking forward to your for and against essay. Marina Ionarievna

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