What Makes Me Special Zakharova Motya

What makes me special? Some individual physiological features, peculiarities of my character, some moments from my diary, my thoughts or everything taken together? To say the truth, it makes no difference what the answer is. We all know that we all are special, right?
My name is Zakharova Motya and I am nineteen. I am a student of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies in the group ED-311.
First of all, let me introduce to you a human-being from the planet Earth living in North-East part of Russia, called Yakutia. As I am brought up in countryside, I cannot imagine myself cut-out from nature. In my own opinion, the highest point of the harmony in this world can be achieved only through the unity of people and nature. What I love most is to spend my time contemplating white clouds to float in the azure sky and listening dark forest to whisper in the twilight. I like sweet smoke of bonfire and silence of little villages. I like early summer mornings full of freshness and spirituality.
But on the other hand, as far as I remember myself, I always was inspired by traveling and other countries. Watching movies and reading adventure books I fancied myself in exotic places or in the heart of big cities. That is why I have decided to learn foreign languages and enter this institute.
My friends say that I am curious. But not about other people’s affairs or gossips or something like this. I like learning this town on my foot, I like learning new kinds of people and the things around. I am interested in everything that is happening around us. I am fond of cinematography and interior design, also I love music of its different sorts. I am convinced that music plays an important part in my life. It illuminates every day of my life, helps me to outlast every unfortunate situation and encourages for the new aims and achievements.
Now my principal will is to continue my education and keep on exploring this world of wonder.

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