Who Am I Essay Example

Feeling or showing concern and sympathy for others. That is the underlying definition of compassion. Though that is the simple definition compassion has a more profound meaning. I believe it’s having the anti-suppression of feelings. To be able to let all of your feelings overwhelm you, and to feel for someone, and to put them before ourselves is compassion. I know that a strong character trait of mine is being compassionate. The times where I believed to have shown the most compassion was my 7th grade service trip to Sunrise Assisted Living Care, rescuing a sick kitten who had been abandoned, and most recently helping the victims of the recent flooding in Baton Rouge.

Excitement was the first emotion I felt when I heard we were going to go serve at a local nursing home for our service trip. In the days leading up we made goody bags, made notes, and learned what to expect when we went to the home. When we walked in that morning, into the nursing home, I remember it smelling of a hospital. It was such a clean smelling environment. As we were walking towards the common room, basically a living room, I took on all the aspects of the home. I noticed orange was a specific theme of the furniture, the color of the walls, and the paintings. When we first walked into the common room, I noticed many people in wheelchairs, and a few people with oxygen tanks and mask around their faces. Sadness overcame me, seeing these people made me think of my grandparents and how my grandfather had been very sick before. I had to be consoled by our bible teacher because of the sadness that some of these people evoked from within me. I don’t know if I have ever as tired been as I was that day, I helped them in any way I could. I brought them back to their rooms, gave out goody bags, and had great conversations with them, and that was just a few of the things I did that day to try to put a smile on all of their faces. Along with my compassion towards older, sick people comes with me being very compassionate towards animals.

Crawfish Aquatics, a competitive swimming club, has been my second home for most of my life now. I can confidently say I know the place inside out, and know that we have some stray cats that like to wander just outside of the building. One day during a workout I saw these little shadowed footprints that walk by the door. Quickly, I went out the door and saw the most petite kitten I had ever seen, I assumed it must have been the runt and had been abandoned. But, I noticed that the kitten seemed to be very sickly and it made my heart swell. I picked the small, white kitten up and hurried it inside. I planned to take it to the closest animal hospital I knew. Once arriving, I handed the kitten over and I noticed the concerned look on the veterinarian’s face. He said that they would keep him over night and see what they could do. The next day I received an amazing call saying that I could come pick the kitten up! Once I was there I saw that the kitten, now named Charlie, looked much better. I took great care of him to try to strengthen him. Two years later I have a very healthy, loving cat and I couldn’t be happier that I found him. Finally, one last event where I believed to have shown great compassion was in the recent events of the flooding in Baton Rouge.

The news in the first of the week said we have rain coming. I don’t think anyone thought anything of it at first, as it is Louisiana and it does rain a lot. Later in the week everyone started to realize that the rain that was coming was more than expected. Next came the reports of the rivers rising and that they began to flood. Then you fast forward several days later, many people have no homes and no belongings. The saddest thing I heard was when one of my best friends sent me a message saying that she had lost everything, that all she had left was one duffel bag full of clothes. After that I began to volunteer quickly. I was going to houses to help clean up, and that made me hurt so much for those families. Loading trucks full of supplies, babysitting kids, moving furniture, and trying to help people cope with the recent disaster was all part of the volunteer work. Having to see people, especially my loved ones, not knowing what to do next was depressing. Some had nowhere to go, so my mother and I opened our home and our supplies to anyone who needed, since we were some of the very lucky people that didn’t lose our home. I believe this event brought everyone in the city closer, and through all of this I was able to show people compassion and the love of Christ.

Compassion, being compassionate, is a character trait I hope I always carry. I hope the malevolent ways of this world could never take that from me. Showing people compassion could change their lives. I know that compassion is something that’s so strong within me, and by showing compassion everyone could slowly make the world a better place.

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