Why I Want to Be A Nurse Essay Example

I’m from Saint-Maarten (French side), growing up here for 16 years it’s beautiful, amazing but it’s so distracted, this whole process moving to the United States was such enormous change in me and my twin’s lifestyle. It’s a big move from living on an island to living in to a city. The distance is so different and the people and culture also.

I remembered working at the hospital when I was in the 9 grade I’ve always thought that the human body was fascinating .since I was a child every time my brother or my sister would get injured I would play nurse and get my first aid kit. But I’ve always had a passion in cooking at the age of eight I taught myself to cook; I would go in the kitchen trying to cook on my own.

Ever since I was a child people would ask me what I wanted to be when I get older I would always say a chef because love to cook, but my mom tell me that cooking is not really good job she would say that it’s very hard to maintain and there’s always a new restaurant all across the world someone is opening a new place.

But when i was pregnant with my daughter, my aunt noticed that I was very caring, nurturing and nurse like I took my aunt’s advice and I stepped back and though about it for a couple of weeks and she was actually right. She told me once that I’m more passionate about taking of someone more then i am at cooking and trying new dishes.

So why I want to become a nurse practitioner?

My aunt and my daughter inspired me to become a nurse, pediatric nursing is a very challenging and demanding career, however (taking care of my daughter on a daily basis sparked my interest even more). I also want to be a nurse because I’ve always wonder when I get older how would my parents would be (will they be okay without me taking of them?)(Will they need me to help them?).

Being a nurse would will get me this huge relief that I would be able helps my love ones and I wouldn’t be afraid or worried because I know that I could help them.

In the future I will pursue a career pediatric nursing, I am the first person on my mom side of the family to pursue further education. I feel it’s important for me as a mom it’s very important have more than a high school diploma. During my spare time I wind down listen to music, spend time with my daughter and just reflect on my day. When I become a nurse it’s important because it’s a stressful, emotional and, challenging career.

I know that nurse is going to be a very challenging profession because I will have to make life changing decision, show compassion for others. It also will help me to test my skills and my emotions to the limit and I am confident that I can meet and face them. The reason why I want to become a nurse is because I want to make my aunt and most especially my daughter proud of me and showing her that nothing in life will stop from reaching the stars and anything is possible.

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