Sakha Republic is a federal subject of Russia. It's population mainly consists of ethnic Yakuts and Russian. Yakutia is the biggest republic in the world, but it's population is less than a million inhabitants. The capital of Sakha Republic is Yakutsk.
Nature and resources of Yakutia are unique as well. Its larger part is occupied by mountains and plateaus. Only one-third of it is lowland. Mount Pobeda on the Chersky ridge is the highest peak of northern Asia (3147 km). Also, Yakutia is famous for it's diamonds.
The climate of Yakutia is sharply continental: the amplitude of temperature fluctuations is 100°C (from 40°C in summer, to –60°C in winter). The average air temperature in January is –43.2°C, in July - 18.7°C. The Pole of Cold is situated in the Oimyakon region, where was fixed a temperature –71.2°C.
In conclusion, I want to say that Yakutia is very interesting place to know about

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