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What makes me special?
Every person is individual and has own traits of character, which describe only his special origin. Appearance is also quite important thing to help surrounding to understand what kind of person you are. To my mind, there must be harmony between look and inner world, something that makes a person entire.
I am dark-haired girl of middle height with brown eyes. As for clothes, I prefer pure bright colours, not half-tinted. Usually I wear comfortable things – jeans, cardigans, but my mother says that a girl should wear skirts and heeled shoes. Actually I agree with her, but I feel diffident and unsteady when I wear heels, and the condition of roads in our town leaves much be desired.
As I am the only child in my family, I was a little bit pampered in my childhood, I am quite impulsive and irascible, but quickly forgiving person and my friends know about this trait and do not get huffy with me if I say something rude. I have a good sense of humour, moreover, I am sarcastic and sometimes even acrimonious. I guess it can be an outward cover, because communicating with my close people I usually behave as a little kind child. It would be too inspirate to compare myself with a rose with thorns, so I would better say that I am like a hedgehog. Since my childhood I have been interested in horrors, tales about ghosts, werewolves and other mystic things. My favourite author is Stephen King. His style of narration is genius; he uses so complicate constructions to describe the creations of his imagination!
As I still regard myself as a child, I am fond of cartoons. To my mind, old painted cartoons are much better than modern ones, created with computer graphics, because the last ones seem to be quite the same.
I relate very touchingly to animals, when I was 4-5 years old I used to bring kittens and puppies in my bag and heaps of insects in the skirt of my dress. I had all the animals imaginable: from dogs and cats of infrequent pedigrees to snake and hedgehog.
I wished to connect my future life with nature and archeology, but at the 5th grade I firmly determined to go to the Faculty of foreign languages. I always have been a humanitarian, and I suppose this is my cup of tea. The humanities develop a person not only intellectually, but spiritually and creatively. It is very absorbing to analyse novels or to translate old Germanic texts. I have not decided yet which profession I will choose, but it will be connected with traveling and foreign languages.
My choice will make my life brighter and more interesting; will help me to develop my individuality and strong sides - to become special.
The problem of stray dogs

Yakut people are pagandom. Are there any traits of pagandom in modern Norwegian culture?

It was a difficult question you came up with there, but I'll try to answer it as best I can. As Russia we have the sami-natives in the north, their religion is sami shamanism. Allthough not many of them practice the original form of the religion any more it is still a part of their traditional culture.

Best regards Kai

As for the role of shamanism in Yakut culture http://www.yakutiatoday.com/region/shamanism01.shtml Yana Lazareva

Do you have any problems with English pronunciation? Are there any sounds in Norwegian language which help you adapt English? Yana Lazareva

Fast food: tasteful and harmful.
Everyone knows about the harm of fast food and it’s impact on health. Nevertheless, millions of adult men and women can not resist the temptation and, contrary to all reasons, continue to buy chicken, grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Big Mac, potato fries, cola and pizza. If not to concern the taste, the main reasons of the popularity of fast food are the rapid pace of life and lack of time. Visiting cafeterias of fast food have become the norm for most of us.
According to WHO (World Health Organization), a sixth of the planet is suffering from obesity. In most cases the cause of obesity is a pathological bent for fast food and inactive lifestyle. Taste, cheap price, availability and diversity are the main factors of the popularity of fast food.
Most popular products are rich in calories. As it is known, the passion for fat, sweet and spicy food causes an excess of the permissible daily calorie intake. Consumption of food full of fat and sugar inevitably leads to weight gain. In addition, fast food contains more salt.
Obesity has become America's epidemic proportions, and its main cause is directly linked with the consumption of fast food - one such breakfast provides the body with energy for the whole day. The damage of fast food primarily associated with: high-fat, salt, sugar and high energy, low fiber, lack of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Of course, nowadays is difficult to find a person who had never tried fast food. Not everyone can afford oneself not to have a bite during a working day, but to have full-blooded dinner. As I am a student I usually have to choke with wretched hot-dog.
The best food is prepared at home. If circumstances force and there are no alternatives, one can venture a snack. However, one should try to delete from the menu the most dangerous food - fries, burgers, sugary sodas. But in the evening one must eat something useful and do not forget that such a deviation from the rules of nutrition allowed no more frequently than once a month.
To my mind, despite the desire to save time and money one should think about health and try to eat properly.

Collision of centuries and change outlook

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