Zakharova Sargylana

For and against using cars.

Nowadays, a lot of people have cars, especially, in the big cities. People by cars not only for moving but for showing their fortune. People love their cars as if it was a some person.
There are some advantages and disadvantages of using cars.
Today, the cars too necessary for us. First of all, for moving from one place to another. In big cities people have to go through big distance for for attaining their jobs, and the cars help then to move quicker than if they go by foot.
The second advantage is being in time in different places where they must be. For instance, to bring children to school, to visit a shop, to meet somebody, and to do other affairs. By car you can with an ease to cover big distances.
But on the other hand, the cars are the reason of pollution of an air. The cities where there are the great number of cars are embraced in smog. For example, when I usually come by steam-ship from village I see from distance that the big cloud of smog hang on our Yakutsk.
The next disadvantage of using car is the traffic jam. This problem is very urgent today in big cities like Moscow. In Moscow the traffic jam can last for hours. I remember an one event when me with my friends had sat in traffic jam for five hours or so! It was awful and unforgettable time in bad meaning.
Nowadays, in Europe more and more people have ecological cars. It does not harm surrounding nature. There are more and more harmless cars have been created by people. But in our country, unfortunately, such help to nature is not supported.
On the one hand, the cars pollute an atmosphere, and inflict harm to environment but on the other hand, we can not live without cars. Cars are too necessary in our present life. It makes our life easier.
In the end I would like to tell that it could be better if we will drive by ecological cars like many European people. Because, the main thing in life of every person is a health. And if you want to have the good health you must stop to pollute an air you breath.

The person I know well.

I would like to tell a few word about a person for whom I have a big respect. She's name is Ekaterina, she's surname is Zakharova. She is my grandmother. In my opinion she is a woman with a great story of her life. She has outlived the second World War, had troubles and joys, she lost her close people, and was pleased seeing her grandsons.
She was born 7th November, 1936. When the war had been started she was only four. In the same time her father went to the war. Then, he had never come back. As well as other children she did not know what is a happy childhood. It was the time of an awful fear and starvation. But she had survived. After the war she lost her brother. She, sister and mother stayed alone.
When she studied in college she met my grandfather, Vasiliy. I do not know anybody else who love each other such as they did. Even, wheb the many kilometers separated them my grandfather always wrote touching love letters. Once, I looked an album through, and noticed the small letter under one photo. I read it and understood how their love was big. Now, my grandfather, unfortunately, is not with usbut my granny always remember him with love and happiness. She tells about their journey to the Black Sea, Moscow, St. Petersburg, about funny and happy times if their love. They were together always despite of difficulties. And when their second not borning son had died in a traffic accident, and when heavy disease had made my grandfather to lie down. They were together till the last days of him.
My granny all of her life had been working in school. She was a teacher in primary school.
In conclusion, I would like to say that she is the great woman. She is an example for young people.

What makes me special.

Everybody has a definite thing of his own what makes him special. It can be colour of skin, hair, eyes or shape of the body, somebody's name, and something else. It can be everything what is interesting and no ordinary, those thing what other people do not have.
As for me, if you will ask me what makes me special I would answer that is my name. My name is Sargilana. This name is national yakut name. It means «a happiness». There is a little but interesting story why my parents gave me this name.
When I was born i was between death and life, and nobody knew if I would stay alive or not. And, I survived. It was the biggest happiness for my mother and father.
Some years ago, I visited a little town in Hungary Sekeshfikhervar where I took part in international festival. There were a lot of people from different countries. Once, one young man ask my name, I said him: «Sargilana». He was embarrassed little bit. Despite of that he with difficulty pronounced my name he said that it was good when you have the name of your nationality, it made you special different from others.
The second thing what differ me from others is writing poems and songs. I have been singing since my childhood and have been writing songs since nine-years-old. In my album there are already more than hundred texts in yakut and russian language. When i was twelve I finished a music school, piano department. Today, It helps me to create music for my songs. Now, I try to write the poem in english language.
In conclusion, I'd like to say that every person is special in his own way. You can be sure that in all of the world there is not a man who would be similar with you.

Reading story or seeing it as a film?

Reading a story and watching a film — we usually do not think which way of getting information is better, which differences and similarities there are. We just see and read, at all. There are people who fond of reading, others prefer seeing it as the film.
First of all, I would like to tell about some similarities between reading and seeing the films. From books and films we get any information, we can know the topic of the story. But there are some examples when the film is worse than book, and vice versa. Sometimes, the film does not conclude any moments which there in the book. Sometimes, these moments were decisive. Then, all of the main idea of the story is changed. Somebody may like a version of film, and others may like the real right story. To my mind, the main thing what differ the book from film is detailed describing of an action. You can image this action in your own way. When you see the film you take it as a film producer have decided to show you. We see the places, people, events through producer's eyes.
Some people get information better when they see and listen to. When you read the book you can see and listen to only in your imagination. Then, what can do the people who's imagination is not so good?
Today, the film industry become bigger. A lot of classical novels have been moved on the screen. But books do not go on background. There are many interesting and famous writers. Their creations are very popular and buying.
I suppose, that people always will read books and see films, and try to find similarities and differences between them.

The problem of deforestation

Thousands and thousands of acres of lush rain forests are cleared each year to make way for development. People without thinking about results of deforestation cut down millions trees. We need trees in building our houses, making furniture, pencils, and other needful things. But we have never thought how many harms brings the deforestation.
Yet, what happens when trees are felled? Firstly, the earth is left vulnerable to soil erosion. The rains will carry away the rich topsoil, and the land without its topsoil will no longer be fertile. Slowly but steadily, the lush vegetation will give way to wasteland.
Secondly, trees absorb the carbon dioxide breathed out by living creatures, reprocess it and, in the end, produce the life-sustaining oxygen. Without trees, where will this oxygen come from? From nowhere.
Another point to note is that forests are home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Animals and plants live in symbiotic relationships in the balance of nature. Man destroys this balance when he flattens the forests to the ground. Where do they go then, the great and tiny inhabitants of these forests? Nowhere. Sometimes, some of them come to villages and towns. There are many examples when people meet the wild animal and kill them because people afraid of them. They die.
To my mind there is the one decision of this problem. People must plant new trees on the place of the cutting down trees. Nowadays, in some European countries and in USA such method is successfully used. But, unfortunately, in our country people more think about their money than an environment.


I’d like to say you some words about my native land Yakutia. It’s a wonderful, mysterious place that nowhere else can be found…It is the biggest republic in all of the world. There is a big area of untouched and primeval land. There are a great number of different kinds of wild animals. Here a lot of nationalities live together.
The official name of yakutia is Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). People call themselves sakha. First of all, I´d like to tell a few words about a climate of our republic. Around the world, people know Yakutia as the coldest place in the world. And, it is true. Oymyakon — is the pole of frost. There were registrated 73 degrees below zero! In the capital of republic Yakutsk usually there is 51 — 55 degrees below zero. But, summer, despite of its brevity, is too hot. It can surprised some people but the temperature of an air can attain 50 degrees above zero on the sun.
The ground consist almost all of the elements of Mendeleev table. Yakut brilliants are the strongest and high-qualificated in the hole world.
The nature is very beautiful. There a lot of lakes and rivers with clean water, mountains, forests.
I think, that nowhere in the world you can find such wonderful and beautiful place as Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The most popular career choices in next five years.

A choosing career, probably is the most important step in a life of any person. From which choice you will have done depends your further life. Choosing a trade people lean against different criteria. For instance: respectivity, a high wages, the work schedule, and another different criteria. But nevertheless, in my opinion, people proceed more from payment. That's why, nowadays, more and more people goes to the business.
The increasing popularity is got by a small-scale business. Such as turnover of things, medical services, another service organization. Not on the last place is the trade of the lawyer.
Because of mass building professions which connected with it become more popular. Such as an engineers, architects, designers of premises and a landscape.
The fashion industry doesn't stay at one place, too. More and more youth go there. Today, show-business in our country is growing. As we know, the fashion and show business are closely connected each other.
Therefore, demand for trades of such sort increases and with it together its popularity . People wish to earn much money, to be famous, popular, to have any power and to as they would like.
However at the same time, when one trades find popularity others leave to the background. So, the trade of an ordinary teacher, the mechanic, and other low-paid jobs has left on second plan.
In my opinion in the next five years, the trades have been listed by me earlier will be still popular. In conclusion i would like to tell that which any trade you choose your job shouldn't be boring for you and should enjoy you, to my mind.

Studying abroad and in your own country

After finishing school every person think about where he should go for studying. Some of them enter to universities and colleges in his own country, and others leave their native town and go abroad. Today studying abroad is very prestigious. That's why more and more people go to study abroad.
First of all , I would like to tell about studying abroad. There are some advantages and disadvantages of it. The first advantage is, of course, the prestige. On graduation students have more chances to find a job. Some people suppose that in abroad the quality of education is higher than in Russia.
A lot of people studying abroad to stay living there after finishing the education.
Nowadays, there are a lot of programms for students which give the chance to take a probation period in other country . There, students can improve their knowing of a language, to listen to native speakers, meet people, find new friends, and, finally, to see the places he have never been.
The first disadvantage is a payment. Studying abroad is very expensive. You have to buy expensive tickets.
In your own country, especially in our republic, students have the big variety of choosing specialization. Some students take a room in student hostel and do not pay for it. You can always be with your family, you needn't to buy expensive tickets.
In conclusion, I would like to tell to tell that to my mind our education is not depends from where you but from how you study.

Smoking must be banned in all restaurants and bars.

Everybody like with friends and close people go to the restaurants or cafe, and have a good time. But, sometimes we are deciding for a long time where we would go. This problem is known for you if you do not smoke or your friends do not have such bad habit or you would like to go somewhere with a child. It is a big problem to find the place where nobody smoke and an air would not be fill with tobacco smoke.
After visiting cafe you can have some unpleasant consequences. For instance, repulsive smell from your hair and clothes, headache, a nasty taste in your mouth, and other annoying things. Of course, it does not enjoy you, and finally, you lose your good spirit.
I think, it is not obligatory to bann smoking in all restaurants and bars, people can find other way of deciding this problem. I suppose, that the restaurants must be separated in smoking and non-smoking parts. In Yakutsk, there are some restaurants with such sections but the problem is not solved completely because there comes the smell from the smoking section to non-smoking. The owners of restaurants must think about every clients and allow normal facilities to have good time in their restaurant or cafe.
In conclusion, I would like to say that not only owners of restaurants must think about their client but everybody must think about people rounded him. People who smoke do harm not only themselves but more harm they do surrounding people.

the importance of technologies in society.

We live in century of high technologies and can not image our life without modern technologies. In every houses there are the great number of variety of it. We are used to being sure that our foodstuffs will not go bad because they are in refrigerator, without difficulties we can cleaning our apartment with the vacuum cleaner, and do something else quickly and easily. The modern technologies do our life easier.
Today, every person has a mobile phone. It helps us to communicate despite of where you are and where the person you need is. Now, mobile phone has a lot of functions. As well as dictionaries, photo and video cameras, notes, music player, and, of course, internet. Internet is the most popular technology not only among young people but also people of senior citizens. But the major part of users are the youth. There are several sites where people can communicate each other, make the acquaintance of somebody, know some news, be well informed posted about everything.
All of technologies rounded us have become so usual that we feel helpless without it.

My favourite place

I would like to tell a few word about my favorite place. It is not a big city or the well-known place but a small village in our republic. This place's name is Amga. This is my native village. There i was born and grew up. It is a wonderful and one of the most beautiful place in the world.
Although, Amga is the small village but has a great history. There were born a lot of famous people. Among them there are singers Ekaterina Zakharova, Khristophor Maksimov, Nina Chigireva, Aytalina Adamova and other popular singers. Everybody in our republic know poems of Kyunnyuk Urastirov, songs of Valeriy Noev. They devoted their songs and poems to beauty of nature of Amga.
The river Amga is famous for its the cleanest water, the banks of the river are famous for its lovely flower Sardaana. There are high mountains with mysterious petroglyph. Amga is becoming popular around the world and people from different countries come to admire the scenery and have a wonderful rest.
If somebody asks me where would I like to born if I had a chance to choose it I would answer that I would never exchange my native village to something else.

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